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My post whole 30 results


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I am so pleased with my results! My skin is glowing, my stretch marks are diminishing, normally they are angry and reddened and now they are practically disappearing. My stomach has definitely shrunk!.


I didn't make initial body measurements though now I wish I had! I just measured my weight. I am a 27 year old female, I started at 215 and I am 5'7" with a lot of muscle mass from swimming and running, but certainly excess body fat with a BMI putting me in the obese category. I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and high cholesterol, I am really curious to see where I am at with that. I see my dr's later next week and will keep you updated. 


My final weight as of this morning was 199, putting me below 200lbs! 


I have found a diet that suits me! The first week was seriously rough, and then....my cravings stopped. I wasn't hungry between meals. My coworker and I did this together, it was her idea, and we made food for each other a few times throughout the process which seriously helped and made it so much more fun. I don't think I could have done it without her. 


I have to say I picked an incredibly difficult time to do Whole30, my birthday was right in the middle of it along with my partner and my 2 year anniversary. So I did end up cheating for my bday and had a couple of hard ciders, trying to keep away from gluten. 


Last night to celebrate finishing Whole30 I had a glass of wine and indulged in popcorn! My stomach was reluctant to deal with added butted and popcorn topping :(


I plan to stick to a whole 30 lifestyle right up until christmas, with the occasional glass of wine. But I have to say thank you Whole30, I am so glad to have found a sustainable lifestyle. 

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