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whole30 complete!


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Finished the Whole30 yesterday. Lost 23 lbs and went from a tight 36 inch waist to a comfortable 34.

I now sleep a solid 8-9 hours a night and wake up refreshed. For years I struggled with back pain from 2 herniated discs and Arthritis in my hands. The pain in my hands is completely gone and my back pain is significantly reduced. I get through my day with so much more energy and feel focused. 

I read "It Starts With Food" about a year ago but did not commit to the diet until 30 days ago. I struggled the first week with sugar cravings but after about 8 or 9 days it all lifted. I used to eat candy bars all the time. Today, now that I am done I don't feel the need to eat anything sweet. 

My first week I struggled to get enough calories but as time went on I became better with my meals. 

If you have not tried the 30 day challenge yet then you are missing out, it is a life changer. Sweets and Candy no longer have a hold on me and I feel amazing. 


Thank you Whole30!

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