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Halfway There and Having Cravings Like Woah


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I'm on day 16 and the last two weeks haven't been easy in my work life and completely loaded with food temptation (holidays cometh). In the last few days I have felt moody and really been craving my old comfort foods, namely sugar. As such, I've been eating more fruit, which I'm guessing isn't super smart. Overall I'm just feeling discouraged and like I will never tame the sugar dragon. On top of that, I don't feel much change internally or externally, and every day seems to come with a little more food anxiety. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

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I totally hear ya on the work situation! When I was working there was junk food (mostly sweets) around constantly and multiply that by 100 during the holidays, UGH! And I totally have a sweet tooth, too!

You are right on the money that eating fruit is probably not the best thing to do. So be sure you are eating plenty of protein, fat and veg(and starchy veg, too) at your meals so you won't be hungry and less tempted by the sweets. I find plenty of fats and starchy carbs help curb my sweet tooth. If it ends up you are really hungry between meals (ie hungry enough to eat fish and broccoli) try a mini- meal not a snack.

Herbal tea can help sometimes, too. I find peppermint or spearmint work for me. And lastly, just think how crappy you would feel if you gave in and ate that stuff! Believe me, I have sabotaged a few W30s with sweets and the next day I feel AWFUL!

Good Luck, you can do it!

ETA: you really are too early along to be expecting a lot of change. Have you read the timeline?


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I went for a run after this and thought about cookies for the first 20 minutes. Then, that broke, and I ran fast and far and came home feeling confident and fine.


As far as the timeline goes, my experience so far is almost like a delayed response. The "what's the big deal" phase lasted for a few days. It wasn't until day 4 that I started feeling moody and exhausted (the aforementioned work stress has certainly played a role in this, usually my job is a delight but there has been a LOT to do in the not-so-fun realm the last two weeks). I didn't have a craving until day 14. I feel like at day 16 I'm in the timeline's day 10—the hardest days.


I am dyyyyying to get to the promise of boundless energy. Every night I go to bed hoping tomorrow is the magic day. The fact that tomorrow is day 17 is daunting. Another 13 of this?! It's hard to remember the "why" without much payback, and I just need to get that out there.

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Eating fruit when you're craving sugar isn't going to help you feel better, or get over the cravings. If you need to eat something, make it protein and fat, with some vegies. You'll find that your body will be satisfied - it may just take some time to get your brain on the same page.

What are your meals like? Are you sticking to the template? Perhaps a few days of food log may give us a better idea of what you're doing/eating and we could make some suggestions. Eating good food, and enough of it, will help your body get healthier, as well as help your mood and mental state :)

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Sure, here's what I've eaten for the last three days:



Breakfast: ground turkey with egg whites, cooked in coconut oil. 1/2 of a small avocado.


Lunch: chicken breast, broccoli, peppers, the other 1/2 of that avocado. an apple with cinnamon.


Pre-run: turkey jerky (the brand is Nick's Sticks, all compliant ingredients)


Post-run/dinner: chicken thigh, onion, butternut squash, coconut milk (found out my stomach can noooot do coconut milk, yikes)

(Went light on veggies today because my stomach has been hurting in a way that sometimes stems too much veggie fiber)



Breakfast: ground turkey and spinach with egg whites, cooked in coconut oil. small sweet potato with cinnamon.


Lunch: large apple. chicken with broccoli and peppers.


Afternoon: banana, almonds, cashews, mini Lara bar. (This is when my sweet tooth was screeeeaming.)


Dinner: ground turkey and zucchini sauteed in olive oil, topped with compliant tomato sauce. 1 cup of grapes, 1 apple, 2 dates. (Ashamed to admit my bending for the sweet stuff, but I know it's important to be truthful!)



Breakfast: ground turkey, spinach, and egg whites, cooked in coconut oil. 1/4 grapefruit. small sweet potato.


Lunch: chicken "curry" with lots of veggies and coconut cream (weird that coconut cream didn't bother me, but when I replicated the recipe with compliant coconut milk—admittedly by accident, not realizing the difference til I poured it out—on Thursday I had massive stomach issues). 1 cup of grapes.


Afternoon: chicken "meatloaf", tomato sauce, spinach. a few ounces of apple juice.


Dinner: red pepper stuffed with ground turkey, topped with salsa. 1 cup of grapes.

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I personally don't think you're eating enough fat or vegetables, not sure about protein as it's hard to judge from your meals. Eating more fat will help your mood, and satisfaction between meals amongst other things, and the nutrients from more vegies will help your cravings.

Breakfast seems quite small- stop chucking you yolks, add fat to every meal and have 2-3 cups of vegies! A more substantial breakfast will keep you more satisfied throughout the day.

Cooking fat doesn't really count as most gets left in the pan. Many of your meals seem lacking in fat, and your meat is low fat too.

Try to not let fruit push vegies off your plate - i think adding more fat and vegies will help you get from meal to meal, but if you need something between meals, scrap the fruit, nuts and Lara bars. Go for a proper mini meal of protein, fat, and vegies. Avoid fruit juice too - juice is ok to add to a meal during your whole 30, not as a beverage.

On the coconut milk/cream issue - check your coconut milk for non compliant ingredients? Sulfites? Carageenan?

If you're worried about fiber, choose less fibrous vegies!

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