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I'm an Olympic Weightlifter. I'm a small girl, compete at 58kg, but struggle to stay down near my weight class and usually end up having to cut 4-6kg a week or two before competition. Which totally sucks and effects my strength BIG TIME.  I'm hoping whole30 will help me with this. I am worried though that, changing my diet so drastically will effect my weight lifting. I'm hoping it will be in a positive way. 


I started whole30 yesterday the 13th. I'm looking for fellow athletes to chat with, and maybe give me some advice on my whole30.


I'm also very busy, and I'm a college student with a pretty small budget. I don't have hours to spend making fancy meals with a billion ingredients! I often times have to eat on the go and would take any advice on meals I can bring on the go or whole30 meals that are quick and simple!  :D  :D


Thanks Everyone!! 

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Starchy veggies will be your friend. They'll help you not have an energy dropoff with your W30. I'm not a weight lifter (last time I tried, my shoulder went out...I'm still doing physical therapy from the surgery I ended up having), but can say that this is a great way to eat for you. BUT this is not a guaranteed weight loss program. You might lose some, but what this will do is put you at your body's natural weight (the place it wants to be for health reasons). 


Because of your activity level, you will need to eat a lot. Pre- and post-workout meals will be a must for you (look on the forum/site for info about those) and you just need to eat. Tons. At least 2 servings of protein by the template per meal, and as much veggies as you can stuff into yourself. Weekly cookups will help you out with not taking tons of time. It isn't that hard to take, say, a pack of chicken thighs or drumsticks or whatever, put in a pan, season, and put in an oven. Nor does it take that long to take a few sweet potatoes, cut in half (long-ways), put on a pan/sheet, and put into the same oven. Devote one day to making a bunch of food that you can eat all week (egg/veg muffins, etc.) and, if you don't have one right now, invest in a crock pot. 


Tuna packed in oil in pouches is usually compliant and easy to carry around, as are raw veggies (carrots, tomatoes, snap peas, cucumbers, etc.) for eating on the go, but make sure you've got enough food for the template.

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