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Nothing but nausea


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I've had nothing but constant nausea for my first 5 days... I can barely gag down meal 1 today, sweet potato hash and fried eggs w/ avocado.  
I've always been a coffee drinker (black) and that doesn't even appeal to me.

Are there any anti-nausea foods, spices anything that can get me through this?

Anything I think of eating (even old habitual carbs and sugar) make me turn green.

I've also had the typical foggy headed and headache feelings to go along with this too, awesome combo!

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This deals with nausea after a stomach bug but maybe some of the same principles could apply.



Hope you feel better soon.  Make sure to drink plenty of water (as much as you can stomach) to stay hydrated.


I think your body is going through a detox of sorts.  Maybe someone else can give you more insight.  I didn't have that issue so I can't give much advice.

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Being nauseous like you are describing is not a symptom of eating meat, fish, eggs, veggies, and healthy fats. You may be ill. If it was just for a day, I wouldn't worry about it, but after 5 days, you should probably see a doctor.

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