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Am I doomed?


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I have recently finished my whole30, but haven't started reintroductions yet. I am happy eating this way and enjoy not feeling hungry all the time/having control over food. 


Unfortunately, I do not feel the energy I was hoping to get from the program. Also, I have a significant amount of weight still to lose from having a baby, and I have not lost any weight. I have a 13 month old who does not sleep great. He goes to bed usually ok, but is up in the middle of the night still, and wake up time is usually around 4am. I try and go to sleep soon after he does, but I have SO much to do in the house before I can. Most nights I can manage to be in bed between 9-10pm. 


Am I just doomed to be tired and not lose weight until my son gets older? I would like to be at a good weight before I try to have another child, so I'm feeling a little frustrated. I have not been working out like I used to - between work/home/exhaustion it's just been very challenging. 


I'd appreciate any help or suggestions you have!



A usual day of food:


Meal 1 - 3 eggs, scrambled with spinach and cooked in ghee. Raw carrots. 


Meal 2 - HUGE salad of whatever greens I have - usually kale or spinach, carrots, one half of an avocado, a few thin slices of apple, and whatever leftover protein I have from dinner - chicken thighs/steak/salmon.


Meal 3 - Last night - Chicken thighs cooked in coconut oil, creamed spinach with coconut milk. (Usually I will have mashed sweet potato or some kind of winter squash, but I have been cutting it out recently to see if that helped with weight loss.)

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I haven't had any kids - so I can't help you on that front.  But I hear you on the weight loss camp (even though that is not why I follow this way of eating) My biggest reason for doing this is that I have menstral migrianes.  So basically my hormones have been kind of screwy for a very long time.


My guess is that your hormones may still be out of wack.  Cutting out starchy carbs will not help you on that front.  In fact I have found the exact opposite may help.  'Cause the more I cut them out - the more unhappy my body will become.


I have found that I don't need to go crazy with the starchy carbs, but I need to keep a balance going.  Morning meal is usually a protein starchy carb with a green veg (brussel sprouts + Pepper squash are a common one this week) lunch and dinner are usually whatever, unless I'm excersing - in which a starchy carb is almost a must with at least 2 meals.


If I eat too much cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, and spinach.  I become bloated, uncomfortable, and my intestines are just not happy.  But I love my green veggies so I just try not to go overboard with them. 


I, like you am trying to lose weight as well as healing my body(I've lost 35 initially - would like to lose maybe another 20- we'll see - I'm much more toned/muscular than anytime I've lost weight before)

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Your meals sound good. My guess is that inadequate sleep and stress is keeping your weight from falling like you want. Improving sleep quality probably was the most important thing to getting fat-loss started for me back in 2010. Poor sleep means your hormones are out of whack and hormones being in a good rhythm is critical to weight loss. You mention that you are working out like you did before. Working out hard with poor sleep means you are stressing yourself. That makes your metabolism slow and losing fat slows or stops. Be nice to yourself, prioritize sleep, and eventually you will start making progress.

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Have you tried getting your child on more of a schedule during the day as far as eating and naps?  That can make a huge difference in night time sleeping.  Also working on his food as well could help with his sleep therefore helping yours.  He is certainly at an age that sleeping through the night shouldn't be a problem.  I'm so sorry you are feeling tired!  That is no fun.

I have three kids and I do have to say, I have learned that the house can wait....it is always messy, and cluttered....let yourself get some sleep!

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Thanks everyone! I am thankful for all of your comments. 


Carlaccini - Yeah, I haven't enjoyed cutting those starchy carbs, so perhaps I'll add them back in. It probably is hormones, but trying to figure out the exact plan attack is driving me crazy.


hojo - He used to sleep through the night, so this is especially hard. He goes to day care since I work all day, but they have him on a fairly strict schedule. He has definitely been tired during the day so who knows. I feed him mostly gluten free, and usually grain free, but I do give him dairy. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I know I need to be less concerned about the house/etc. I just feel guilty going to bed early. 


I'm wondering if I should give up coffee completely? I pretty much only drink it in the morning, but I have been known to have a random cup at night if I have to get something done for work or need to finish something in the house. 

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I lose weight better if I ditch caffeine. Good luck on getting your son back into good sleeping patterns 


I have been reading recently about historic sleeping patterns including a break in the middle of the night. First and second sleeps were common until the industrial age changed working patterns. I am often awake at 4am and now I know that this was common I tend not to worry about it. People used to get up and pray or have sex or do some chores.


How about you going to bed at the same time as your son and saving a chore to do at 4am? Then he will be asleep again when you go back to bed for your second sleep. May be worth a try? If your current pattern isn't working why not try something different? 


Try google but here are a couple of articles to start you off





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