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W30 #2 looking for a freedom-from-cravings miracle!

kerry o

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yes, i did. i did the whole 30 back in october while smoking organic hand-rolled cigarettes and drinking too much black tea. i consider it to have been a big success: a beginning. and it still worked miracles- i was able to break the habit of binge eating at night and then actually stopped smoking about 10 days after the official finish (while still eating mostly W30).


i found that the "sugar dragon" still had a hold on me; those cups of tea with honey added back in put me on the roller coaster again. and i a few days ago i had that piece of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream that was dangling like a carrot before my eyes the whole time. is it possible to be truly free from cravings and food obsessions? 


i was ready to give up as i felt myself getting bloated again, drinking too much caffeine and craving chocolate, and then i realized that, of course, now is not the time to quit but to build on the successes i've already had- my eating has been transformed and i have no problem staying away from any number of things like bread and dairy. so now, go to the next level and do the low-histamine W30. see if i can get rid of the almost daily hives (and get off the benadryl) and put the sugar dragon to sleep.


no more caffeine on an empty stomach. i'd like to learn to enjoy the peace and steady energy from being well-nourished.

wish me luck.


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committing to 3 meals/day and only one yorkshire tea bag (which makes 2 cups)


9am meal 1: 1/4 turkey, kale, onion, celery, carrot 5 egg frittata, 1/2 avocado . 1 cup tea with coconut milk


12pm meal 2: 1/4 frittata on salad greens, hardboiled egg, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 apple sliced. bowl leftover mashed sweet potatoes with ghee and   cumin. 1 cup tea with coconut milk. feeling flushed from caffeine.


about to do several massages now and will eat dinner around 6. 

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day #7 all the sugar bloat that came back so quickly is gone. i am tracking the hives and so far have only had them mildly a couple of times and have needed no benadryl- i had been taking it pretty much nightly for years because the hives would come in the middle of the night! it's so much easier this time eating whole 30 since my housemate and i were already in the routine and we are enjoying the food so much.


i make a vegetable frittata every morning and limit myself to as many cups of tea i can get from one tea bag. i miss the taste of honey but can live without it. 


we are trying new foods all the time and she has been cooking for the first time in her life.

for me the greatest change has been the freedom from "needing" to eat before bedtime. i am very strict about that and find the craving is pretty much gone. 

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