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Day 6 of Whole30 and my hot flashes are out of control!!!


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I'm on day 5 of my first Whole30 and I'm really struggling with an increase in hot flashes. I'm not able to do HRT because of my family breast cancer history. Am I doing something wrong or eating something that could be triggering these hot flashes???

Thanks for any help...

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Unless you've made very few changes to your diet you are likely to get major resetting of hormone levels. Hunger, appetite, sleep, insulin, cortisol, leptin, gherlin are all interrelated with diet and stress and change as your body heals / reduces inflammation.

Just stopping or starting coffee alone on my whole30s has a huge influence on my cycle length. And it wasn't until I started eating whole30 foods that my cycle started again after stopping BC.

All I can suggest is toughing it out as getting to the other side will be worth it.

That said, I hope others can suggest things that might make it easier, like lots of starch carbs, coconut oil, fish or???

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You have my sympathies. I also can't do HRT and have suffered with hot flashes. I have seen a diminishing of them after doing 3 W30s and being mostly compliant other times. I still get them now and the, especially if I have a glass of wine. But not to the level that I was before. There are some herbal remedies that you can try, just make sure they don't have soy (most of them do).

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After my first Whole30 my hot flashes and general menopausal symptoms went berserk! I'm 46! I had had a few hot flashes intermittently, but my body went haywire. It leveled off some after the Whole30, but I was definitely in the throes of full on menopause for months. 

Interestingly I had a friend who had been having hot flashes BEFORE the Whole30, and her symptoms disappeared? 
Just goes to show that every BODY is different! 

I'm on Day 2 of my 2nd Whole30, and I will be darned if all night last night the hot flashes were back in earnest. Has to be psychosomatic, right?! I would also love to hear any remedies besides HRT :)

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This is interesting to read.  Every time I've begun a Whole30 (I have yet to finish one) my hot flashes and night sweats get horrific.  Right now I'm not eating "paleo" or "whole30" and they've backed off.  This is good to know.  I'd love to hear more stories of people who get past that period because honest to God: the hot flashes are horrendously uncomfortable.  My entire body is like a flame with accompanying nausea.

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