Day 30 of first W30


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Today is technically day 30, but I had a slip last week when my year-old granddaughter gave me a horrible sore throat.  I didn't sleep the first night because it hurt so much to swallow, and I didn't take anything for it.  The 2nd day I took some Elderberry syrup, and had a few Zand zinc lozenges.  Miraculously I turned it around and I actually slept okay.  So I'm looking at this W30 as mostly a success, but I really only got the first 25 days before the lozenges; right back on after that.


I am not as psyched about eating "regular" food as I thought I would bre.  I probably won't go back to cream in my coffee, having developed a love for coconut oil and coconut milk in coffee.  I never thought that would happen.  Not interested in eating grains again.  In fact today I cooked-up a bunch of my favorite W30 breakfast basics and veggies.  I have so many "leftovers" from my W30 tucked away in my freezer, so I can coast through this week. 


I plan to do a 100% compliant W30 after the holidays.  I didn't struggle at all (read the Timeline and prepared myself for difficult days that never happened).  My eating wasn't that far off before I started, so I never missed grains or sugar.  In the beginning I missed dairy products, and alcohol (I brew beer!).  


The thing I learned most from this Whole 30 was how to scrutinize ingredient labels.  I was shocked at the types of products that have sugar, sulfites and fillers in them.  I bought a box of frozen sugar snap peas assuming they would be ONLY the vegetables, and when I got home and looked at that label, I was shocked to see that there was added sugar!  Ridiculous! 


Anyway - I'm grateful for this forum and the quick responses by moderators and members.  I'm looking forward to reading ISWF before my next W30, and hope to get my hands on Well Fed 2.

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