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Starting in New Year...some questions & advice

Rae l

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Hi everyone!

So, I have been reading all over this site. I was looking for healthier recipes and a blogger mentioned this site. As I am on my iPad, I promise to credit her in a comment.

I am 5'2", weight...not sure but go by clothes...fluctuate between US size 2-4...depends on vanity sizing!

Here is some history and "current" facts.

I am 43. I have not had major health issues in my life except for allergies to pollen and cat dander. I've combatted here and there by taking local honey and Singular during "ragweed" season. The singular was literally life saving as I thought I was treating what I thought was sinus issues and dried myself out. However, my husband wasn't allowed to try this because it was prohibited based on military restrictions for pilots.

In my very early 20s, I was diagnosed with a high cholesterol count. I was told this may be hereditary and it was confirmed. At the time, I read "Fit for Life" by the Diamonds and learned a LOT. I know they have adjusted but I learned to live without meat everyday...even while working at a steakhouse. I learned about food "combining" (no hard starch with protein, body cycles, etc). I was on a role. My mornings started with fruit like grapefruit, apples, and bananas (only once a week) and a V8 juice. I hate heavy at lunch and dinner was energy. I ate pasta for energy during long shifts...with sauce on side for dipping. Bottom, I was good...and it was easy because I was the poor college student. I even effortlessly dropped major weight from 150lbs to 103lbs...with shock!!

Oh, I was asked by my doc to stop caffeine. And warned against initial headaches. But I did it. Coke was treated as a dessert that was savored, not a beverage. But during this time, my craving became "pure" and I loved craving pure and healthy thing. I even spent 3 years without touching a drink except wine to complement a meal.

Then life creeped up. I started to smoke. Very bad. [email protected] 3 cigs a day. Have patches when I plan to go pure...another reason I am attracted to this.

Flash forward...I dated. I worked with chefs. I love pure ingredients. Fried food..,I can have a fry or two....love it...then I feel the grease in my mouth and stop. Every thing was a taste only. I met my husband and dining out and putting my culinary skills to the test became my thing. I love pure ingredients and am a huge advocate of shopping the outer isles. Cooking with wine and clarified butter...no issue.

But..,age creeps in. I got married and we love dining out...with good food. I used my training from chefs and cooked amazing meals that would even fit this plan with very few exceptions. I am blessed with good skin to a point. I noticed my farsightedness was starting to show. I also started getting night sweats. I thought it was our tempurpedic mattress. But when I started having flashes of heat...I freaked! I thought menopause meant no more menstrual cycle and then this happened. Every article discusses the superficial (IMO) effects life wrinkles, slower metabolism, and fading eyesight. To top this off...my husband and I went through a very horrible time.

I say this because it's relevant...I had a breakdown. It's pretty amazing how stress affects your physical being. I tried to self medicate with alcohol...not conducive. Doctor tried Zoloft because it was "mild". A week on half the dose and a week on a full dose...destroyed me. It destroyed my whole gastric system and it took me over two months to recover from.

At the same time...to add to my dismay, my mother and brothers deserted me. My 3 weeks of self escape got me labeled as an alcoholic and blaming this for my "health" issues that made my husband and myself put a stop to their years of "verbal abuse". They are all on maintenance drugs...high blood pressure, cholesterol minimization drugs and low sodium foods. I'm the eldest child and have always been labeled as a fad "dieter" because of stuff I avoided and also paid attention to. And also my aversion to pills to allow indulgence In bad foods. So naturally, my wanting to blank out with too much beer or wine...very fun for them.


I have downloaded the book. Hubby is being swayed. Getting back to health for both of us as a couple has been instrumental. I love variety. Hubby is okay with the same thing everyday. Another caveat...I have read the site and completely get what you're saying. I like variety so no biggie but...here are my questions.

1. Don't need or want smoothies every day. Don't want to cook spinach, kale and dandelion greens either. The small part apple and berries (sometime I sneak in broccoli) get him eating veggies without cheese! If this is a once a week thing, where I don't psychologically see this as a replacement, is this okay? Our docs want us to incorporate vitamin k and these are supposedly the best.

2. Hot flashes...staying natural. I tried Estroven. Was awesome. After stress made hair thin and nails fall off, the multi was awesome. Research showed Black Cohosh was the key. The only supplements I want to continue. It's really embarrassing pulling out a fan. The night sweats hurt my sleep. I wouldn't even mind trying to drop this for a couple of weeks to see if this Whole30 eliminates this. I just can't find feedback. The burning up at night and randomly burn have been horrible.

3. My sweet tooth...I'm not a slave to that. In fact...sugar shocks my tongue and taste buds. At most, I am a slave to the "I am here Honey...come love me...I'm on the shelf losing my purity...you don't want me to go bad". But my guy...I need to keep that around. I do little things...purée frozen bananas with pure cocoa. To him...chocolate banana ice cream. He'd be suspicious if I didn't have a bite or two. I've convinced him to get away from artificial sweeteners but now I'd have to say to him...no Stevia...natural, real Stevia. BTW, it became easier when his best friend needed a kidney and he became a match. He's on standby...and no more diet soda! Convincing him for him though...not good. I was even making him green tea fruit Popsicles with fruit...with spearmint and stevia leaves. He's also furious with my family and is very sensitive that I may be leaning this way even to keep them happy even though that's silly...for years I've been accused of being stuffy with food. Not true...just want to be healthy!

4. Finally, besides those issues...no biggie. I get the whole concept. I will have to make only a few adjustments. I will do this post holiday but work my way into this. My stepson is very hypoallergenic. I wish he had more time with us. Ironically...his mom and stepdad are very know it alls and she is celiac. Sashes doesn't get her subs bring in nut allergies which lead me me to my ultimate question....peanuts are legumes. Why is that type of allergy grouped with real nuts? It doesn't make sense.

Thanks everyone. I'm very excited to do this. I am very excited to also "sneak" this stuff into my guy's eating habits. I am very cool with adjustments and I'm not trying to make excuses. It is for him as well as me and fighting Father Time. He's getting there and I think over the holidays I will be able to have him in full up except for these few exceptions. He already sees good skin with pure veggies...via smoothies. I see relief with black cohosh...I don't want hormones.

Provided I regulate these things to make this about "us" and not "me", I think I can get a twofer. Regarding the Cohosh and others subs continuing...does anyone have other comments? (Btw...in two months have gotten pretzels, saltines, rice and flour pizza out of his stomach.). Biggest challenge will be cheese for him. Me...loving the ramp up to purity.

Shoot away Rock stars! You all are very inspiring and already sent this book after two chapters to five friends. I am psyched to "reverse" age as my friend is calling this!

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Wow, you've had quite a journey. I'll attempt to answer some of your questions.


On the smoothies, it's not about a psychological replacement. They are discouraged on a Whole30 because chewing is more satiating than drinking. The idea is to chew your food vs. drink it.


If your Black Cohosh does not contain any off plan ingredients, then you would be okay.


If your husband is committed to doing a Whole30 with you, no sweetener of any kind in any amount is ok.

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I get the chew thing. I actually eat a lot less after learning to thoroughly chewing my food. I've been adverse to meds/pills/etc for quite some years. I have a pretty hard time accepting good vitamins replace real foods. Doesn't follow common sense. But...I also found during more "dormant" times...I needed less calories. A blood tests showed I needed more vegetables. Then...it took me hitting my early 40s to feel the crippling effects of real depression. It's too personal for him and myself to get into but let's just say we prevailed. It took prayer, love, support, and...nutrition. Hence the smoothies were vital for a spell. We are in a great place now (he worries and mistakes my contentment.)

I can go there with the rules. Maybe I'll take my salad greens and blend his. Seriously...in over 45 years, he said it's the first time he likes "veggies" without cheese and butter. I also sneak flax seeds in there. He even eats fresh sliced bell peppers, homemade hummus, and other raw veggies with me. I know I'll have to give up the yogurt ranch and beans...that's fine. I think my biggest "I will miss but will return" is my Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea...has Stevia leaves. But it's doable....not an everyday thing.

Interestingly enough, he sent me a link he watched today regarding cancer and how our body is exposed to it and it is the food that either feeds it or fights it. Ta Da!! I discussed the Whole30 with him. He said he'd be interested but to show him the book. I need to call Apple because I haven't figured out how to share books I buy via iBooks with my family. But he sounds open to it! I think with reading the basics and some of the book (so logical BTW), it will be an easy sell. He said it may be good for him after Christmas which is so realistic! So very stoked!!

Also, he wasn't feeling well tonight.. He is a pretty healthy dude but. the new job, traveling every week, and I think exposure to others have gotten to him. I made him chamomile, made him a bath, and rubbed his back...he was achy. He took some zinc and an EmergenC. Surprisingly, he turned down Nightquil at first because "of the chemicals". He woke up and I did push it on him because he sleeps light and it's not like it's a common think. That or a glass of his expensive once in a blue moon fine scotch. I won and he's sleeping. He will cancel work travel tomorrow if not better...chicken soup all the way.

I read up some more and someone here mentioned Carr's book on quitting smoking. I counted and I smoked 5 times today...meaning I didn't make it through two cigarettes. I am hoping that the detox I think I'll get from the other stuff will help clear that issue. I have a two month supply of a low dose patch but did not like the rush I got from them. I think it makes a lot of sense though to quit this and wish a nic supplement would work but it may be too much.

Regarding black cohosh...I was taking Estroven and quit for 3 weeks. I believe it was Tom, a senior poster here, said we don't necessarily feel supplemental benefits all the time so it's hard to tell if they help. We'll let me just say...they helped. I don't live in Utah anymore, but when you break out in sweats when it's snowing there and your wearing a light sweater (after living most of your life in South Florida)...big issue. I take that and a Vitamin D/calcium supplement (no bad ingredients) but that is it during off allergen season. It would be amazing to not need these and hope I find the culprits.

I also need to research coffee that is flavored at the bean level for his sake. That will be tough but I've won other battles so doable.

I just think this is such an important endeavor. I want to do this right. I want my pantry and fridge to be a conflict free zone for me and him. It's such a big deal for everyone we love, including ourselves, to be healthy. I shine on the outside but want to feel that way on the inside. I will not accept when people say I'm just aging and to so it gracefully. I want to feel good! I want my love to feel good about himself. I've already learned so much here...the group and members are amazing. The stories are amazing testimonies!

Again, thanks for listening.

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Good luck Rae. I was just commenting today to someone that I certainly won't feel younger if I eat poorly but I might if I take good care of myself.

The whole30 has a few rules and guidelines that you need to follow to get the best result, everyone deserves to see what value this experiment can bring them. But life is a journey as you well know, and many if not most people have a few goes at this before they get it right

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Did the video...40n minutes vs the 20 minutes.  Loved the info.  Easy sell after him embracing the common sense.




Here are notes that I emailed.  Things are missing because I did not purchase the whole shebang.  But...totally fits with the logic of this plan!  I was able to get the buy-in...honey, it will help me quit smoking...but I travel...do it at home...defeats the purpose...Baby...let's do this...30 days is not that much of a big deal!  He even almost put up my clean lung exray...such a weird thing!



Soooo...here is the video he saw...we did not sign up for nada, especially after discussing the prospect and coindidently buying the book here!




[quote/}My notes after 40 minutes!


5 causes to cause cancer
1.  You are deficient or imbalanced in key nutrients and hormones.
2.  You are overweight or obese.
3.  You smoke or chew tobacco.
4.  You eat too many refined sugars and grains.
5.  You're ingesting toxins in your food, water, air and medicines.

7 steps to cancer preventions
1.  Don't smoke
2.  Maintain adequate iodine levels
3.  Avoid Synthetic Chemicals and GMOs in Your Foods...he promotes red meat that is organic
4.  Avoid refined sugars, salts, flours, and oils
5.  Avoid and Remove Toxic Metals From Your Body (mercury, lead, arsenic, caladium, mercury (biggest problem...vaccinations?), (fatigue, flus, colds, allergies, rashes, and infections or suppressed immune systems will be worse and cause autoimmune disorders, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, liver damage, and cancer are signs of too much metals)

Five dangerous foods
1.  Soy foods, except fermented soy found in miso and tempeh....edamame and soy milk is harmful...50% of packaged foods contain non-fermented soy
2.  Artificial sweeteners
3.  Refined carbohydrate foods
4.  Soybean foods...non fermented soy foods..edamame!  Really?  It seems natural!!

Iodized salt...vs bromine replacement in breads.

bromine inhibits iodine absorption.  FDA sets iodine needs to low.  Bromide used in outside sources.

promotes apostosis...natural cell breakdown

95% are deficient in iodine

fake sugars inhibit iodine absorption...aspartame is thought to cause brain cancer

Pure organic stevia (no additives), organic coconut crystals or natural, raw honey

Avoid white table sugar, refined table salt, no bleached salt (kosher?),

Acid vs Alkaline,  ph 7.4 ideal?  Cancer loves acidic pH

bad oils...canola, soybean, cottonseed...partially hydrogenated....and OF COURSE, margarine...roaches won't even eat it and it is a molecule or two away from plastic!

organic butter, coconut oil (perfect foods), and cold pressed olive oil

Avoid refined sugars, natural sugars

Yams vs white potatoes...yams = yays

Oatmeal, nuts and organic whole grain flours that have not been bromated

Organic produce, refined and processed oils

Most doctors will NOT test for metal and if they do, they can only be removed by chelation therapy (have seen this spelled kelation) or chelating nutritional supplements.  Bad thing...it is not tested or treated.  Get the lead out!  Need access to a holistic doctor or supplements

This doctor discusses how cholesterol is over rated.  Statin drugs will not help.

Arthritis...some forms are caused by bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics.  All others are caused by refined sugars and inflammation-causuing ingredients in processed foods.

Depression is caused by chemical imbalance that can be corrected with Antidepressant drugs.  Get rid of toxic foods, balance hormones, get exercise, and take specific supplements.

PAT and CAT scans expose big time radiation

Iodine, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1 (thiamin), Vitamin D, Chromium, Sulfer, Zinc, Potassium


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I don't need to buy this doctor's program.  I may just because knowledge is power and it will help get the hubby to do the Whole30 with me.  I feel sneaky...He hates even a cigarette a day.. (likes his cigars though) but I used that as a motivater! 


So sorry to not quote the numerous message  board links but wow...you all are awesome.  January...here we come.  Win win, win win!

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