Kids on ADHD Meds


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I am furious.  My kids' daycare decided to ignore my directive not to feed my children, and they fed them MARSHMALLOWS, of all things.  Marshmallows have BLUE DYE #1, high fructose corn syrup, and a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals.  My kids have been ricocheting for three days straight.  We were supposed to be on Day 20 of our Whole30, but any elimination diet has been completely destroyed by this act of stupidity.  I am besides myself with anger.  What if my kids had "real" allergies?  I can tell you, this is real enough.  Three weeks ago my husband was talking about disrupting the adoption because he couldn't stand to be around the kids.  Three weeks into our Whole30, (and five weeks of ritalin), home was at least bearable.  I'm sick.

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