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It seems like the topics are primarily W30. I have done a W30 and probably will do others as time progresses, but beyond W30, I do try to adhere to the W9 principles and wonder if a beyond W30 forum could/should be available.

Unfortunately an expanded forum isn't something that the team can support. We keep the forum narrow to keep the quality (of posts, moderation, etc) high. Sorry!!

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Currently, there is the Life After Your Whole30 section with 3 forums and the Your Post Whole30 Log forum. 


What other forums did you have in mind for post-Whole30, yet Whole9, living?


The post after yours by Renee Lee pretty much nixes anything I had in mind. The log forum - I assumed that was for people keeping food logs here at Whole9Life. I am a moderator by trade, so I understand the issues relating to scaling up. I will visit  the Life After discussion area and see if that's what I'm looking for. 

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