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cdauk's whole30


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Day 1 of reintroduction*


2 eggs prepared in ghee


chobani plain greek yogurt*

Yogurt=INSTANT acid reflux, so that means that is OUT of my diet. Which is totally fine by me. I never missed yogurt.


I had to eat at the college cafeteria and I KNEW it was going to be challenging. It was instantly DISGUSTING smell of fried foods. Luckily they have a very large salad bar...which was empty when I got there, but I asked for more to be brought out. I piled it with black and green olives, veggies, and hardboiled eggs. I also asked for balsamic vinagrette and sure enough they had it in the back and she got me some! Amazing if you just ask?! I also asked about how the hamburgers were prepared, because that was literally the ONLY meat that wasn't deep fried or filled with nitrates. The cook said he uses nothing to cook them in. Just puts a little broth in the container. So I opted for 2 of those, but honestly they tasted terrible! blech....i'm sure they were crappy quality, but i was starving and I needed some protein. I had an apple too, but it was also gross and left a nasty film in my mouth. Pesticides? Nasty nasty lunch, but hopefully the olives hold me over:/

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8/22-Reintroduction Day 2

Ate whole30 compliant all day.

I tried 2 sticks of cheddar/mozzarella string cheese at lunch. I didn't have any immediate response to the cheese like I did the other dairy, but was very burpy all afternoon, so maybe from the cheese? I think it will be an occasional treat.

I didn't get dinner because of my job. I had to tend to injured/ill athletes at the hospital and by the time I got home it was 10:00 and went straight to bed.

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Woke up STARVING since I skipped breakfast

Had 4 eggs and I will be eating whole30 today, no reintroductions today, I think my body needs a CLEAN day of eating. I think my dairy days are gone....with an occasional treat. I would like to still try butter and sour cream and cream cheese and see how those go. I am almost out of clarified butter, so I will try butter again once its gone.

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As you can guess the gluten reintroduction went terrible. But finally 2 days later I am feeling *somewhat back to normal, but not 100%. Once I feel better, I will continue on with butter and cream cheese before I embark on legume and non gluten grains.

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