whole30 starting August 1


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I'm committing to the Whole30 starting on August 1st!

I've been eating a paleo/primal diet for about 8 months now, but I still have lingering skin and migraine issues, so I'm going to do this Whole30 as a real "reset" to see if I can tweak my nutrition to help lesson those problems. I'm a little nervous about ditching Greek yoghurt and soy sauce, but 30 days really isn't that long, so I'm determined!


(located in Berlin, Germany)

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Your mention of soy sauce popped out at me. I found I was allergic to MSG which is in many foods, especially soy sauce. The MSG triggered my migraines. Hopefully these next 30 days will show other triggers the cause health issues. I will miss my occasional glass of wine.

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