Started November 15, 2013

Michelle Natale

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I forgot to introduce myself!

I'm now completing Day 9.  It's been an emotional roller coaster!  I'm not having much of a problem kicking the non-compliant foods out of my diet.  But I'm definitely stirring up some old stuff!

Anywho, I'm 34.  Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and EBV+.  Mom.  Lover.  Farmer.  Communication student.  Education administrator.  I love food.  Especially coconut. 

Thanks for reading!  And for support!

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Hey Michelle, I have fibro too but have only been sick since May and am trying to recover. I am 33 and am now on day 26 of my whole30. I do feel more energy but still have bad pain some days. I plan on doing it for at least 90 days though since this illness is no joke. How do you farm with Fibro???? I could barely even tend to one tomato plant this summer. I am also the mother of a beautiful 3-year old boy and would do anything to get better for his sake. Good luck!

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