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Life after my first


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So, technically, today would be day 35 actually. No, I didn't strictly follow the 3 meals with no distractions at first, only the past 2 weeks, but, I didn't eat anything off plan. I've seen a lot of people here who don't do 100% perfect the first time, let alone on their second attempt. It's a total learning process! With the holidays coming and all, I'm calling this a successful FIRST Whole30 :) I feel like, even though there will still be lots of Whole30 likeness, I need to be a bit less rigid at a time of year when things can get quite stressful; I don't handle stress well.

I've learned A LOT about my body in this time and am still learning. I do like to eat when bored or sitting in front of the TV so the 3 meals w/o distractions is something I will stick with and get it to be just part of my normal day to day w/o having to think about it. 3 meals w/o distractions def helps me to eat only until satisfied and keeps me from mindlessly eating since I can actually listen to my body. I still have to ask myself if I am truly hungry and if not I try to browse the internet or read, lately. I have gotten SO MUCH better though. I now know what actual hunger feels like.

I'm still learning the right amounts of food for me. Some days are better than others. At worst, I end up with a mini meal (protein, fat and veggies) if I don't eat enough at a meal. No biggie.

Fruit is something I just don't handle well; once I start I just can't stop! The only way fruit is allowed is as part of a savory recipe. Same with nut butters; I have the same issue with them. I actually am trying to avoid nuts and nut butters as much as possible in hopes of it helping my bursitis. It would probably help if I rested it for 6 weeks like recommended but I'm really bad at that; especially since it's in an odd place that would also mean no walks :(

I will stick with the template. I like how that works for me and is really helping with my mood throughout the day. Not counting calories has also removed a lot of my stress. Numbers and I, apparently, are not friends.

My sleep still isn't what it was. I think the only reason I slept well before was it was actually a sugar/carb crash. I have added more carbs the last few days and am working on making breakfast and lunch a bit bigger and will see how these help my sleep.

I don't know what I want to do with reintroductions, though. I thought dairy and gluten were giving me hives, but now I've noticed that coconut appears to do the same. I still had some hives left that I couldn't get rid of. After removing coconut for a week now, the hives are gone/healing. This has a lot longer story, but in short, I think I may be histamine intolerant as it explains my other food allergies as well.

I do know I want to reintro alcohol. I think I will need a clear idea on how many drinks I plan on having before I go out (I really dislike hangovers no matter how small they are; although I enjoy drinking a little and being able to loosen up :)

I don't know as I want include soy at all; not even in my teas or seasonings. Maybe only the occasional dinner out? I'm also unsure on stevia. I know I don't want to add it to anything but do I allow it in my teas? Same with things like toasted barley and such that I find in a lot of my teas. I have at least 30 different teas, 1/2 are Whole30 approved, so I still have choices while I decide.

I am going to allow for the trivial amounts of sugar in some sauces, spices and things like bacon. No sauces that are sugar laden though!

I do want to reintro peanut butter as many of our holiday treats that are just part of our tradition include this. Other than that I didn't really eat legumes previously.

Muffins, cakes, grains, etc always seem to cause the 'I can't stop eating' problem for me. I think those will be saved for special occasions and will not be something I keep in the house (even the paleo-ified ones). Although I do want to reintro chocolate as a once in awhile treat.

I do know that none of these things are anything I want to include on a daily or even weekly basis. I'm thinking more like once a month, maybe?

So, I guess just lots of thoughts and laying of groundwork here but that's what this section is for right? I have a lot of belief in this way of eating and have seen tons a progress!

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I was REALLY craving nut butter last night but wasn't hungry. Got through it without anything! :) Headache worse today, seemed better for a bit after lunch but then returned but not as bad; maybe still not enough carbs built up?

M1: italian veggies, EVOO, kalamata olives, the heart, gizzard and liver that came in my turkey.

2C TJ fall harvest tea & 2 more this afternoon from the same 2 tea bags.

Starting to feel hungry again after only 2 hours but made it to lunch w/o feeling like I was starving.

M2: kirkland stir fry veggies, EVOO&V, S&P, pork, boiled SP, ghee & cinnamon. (I took a risk with the SP mix. Boiled SP is not as sweet as baked and even tho it was dessert-y it didn't make me crave more.)

Pre-WO: sardines & mayo

Strength class. Sardines and mayo was a bad idea. Nauseous and upset stomach half way thru class. Will go back to HB egg.

Post-WO: turkey & acorn squash. A bit later than usual and only half of it since it was upsetting my stomach a bit.

M3: the rest of the turkey & acorn squash and half an avocado. Mini meal as I wasn't too hungry and didn't want to upset my stomach that was feeling better.

The only thing off plan was a bit of spice mix that has a tad bit of brown sugar.

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Headache still there and getting cramps (legs, feet, shoulder, hands) more than usual lately. Going to look up the few odd ingredients in the multi vitamin/mineral supplement I used to take and see about adding it back in as I don't remember this issue while I was taking it.

Woke up hungry in the middle of the night but didn't want to get up so I just waited it out even tho I know it was real hunger ( that may not have been the best of ideas, IDK).

Not sure if the gas the past couple days is the ghee or . . . ? Acne also seems to be making a reappearance but may that's just cycle related? As good as it is, I'm going to leave it out for the next few days and see.

Tried some egyptian licorice tea and couldn't drink it because it was too sweet! What?! That's so crazy to hear coming from my mouth!

Still getting pretty hungry before lunch and dinner time.

M1: turkey, mayo, celery, carrots, baked SP w/ghee, HB egg, half avocado.

M2: acorn squash, green beans, onion, pork, cranberries, EVOO.

Snack: HB egg as I was starving but needed a shower before making dinner.

M3: spaghetti squash, onion, turkey, kalamata olives, broccoli, EVOO.

No off plan things today.

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I think and talk/write a lot!

Noticing that I am able to relax & unwind after dinner. Before, I would feel almost wired & just eat everything, and now, I slowly start getting more and more tired starting about an hour after dinner. It's a much welcomed change :)

My multi vitamin/mineral has some scary ingredients so I will look for a new one while I'm shopping today. Got a new one and took it with lunch but will be taking it at breakfast from now on.

Made sweet potato/apple pie, cran-cherry-jalapeño sauce and 'stuffing' this afternoon. Usually, I just *have* to lick my fingers and the bowls and utensils (and taste it all as soon as it's cooked, maybe eat it all) but I didn't feel the urge for that at all! Just a small amount of taste testing as I went :)

I don't know what the difference is, but, my shoulder seems to be getting worse again the past week.

M1: bell pepper, carrot, onion, turkey, BV, small avocado

M2: green beans, onions, cranberries, golden acorn squash, EVOO, kalamata olives. A little stuffed after lunch, only last about half an hour and I was hungry!

No pre WO. Still not hungry after lunch.

Strength class.

Only ate 1/2 of my post WO. Bad, I know, but I'm still not hungry. I really didn't eat that much at lunch! Not quite sure what to do if I'm not hungry for dinner. Getting a little hungry about an hour after WO.

M3: mini meal. Carrots, celery, ACV, turkey, kalamata olives.

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Thanksgiving - stuck with the template and only a sip of wine for off plan things. I did have a slice of pie that had some coconut flour so hopefully no hives from that.

Actually woke up normal hungry.

M1: asparagus, SP, pork, mayo.

M2: thanksgiving meal - turkey, mayo, cran-cherry-jalapeño sauce, wild 'rice' stuffing from whole9 site, celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas, BV, sparkling cider, had a sip of apple wine too but it ended at that as I wasn't impressed, not what I wanted. Really happy, stuck to the template and didn't overeat :)

M3: spaghetti squash, onion, green beans, turkey, peperoncinis, kalamata olives, EVOO and a slice of sweet potato/apple pie from whole9 site. I really debated on the slice of pie. I still don't know as I actually wanted it but didn't feel like it was thanksgiving without pie. I really wish I would've just made pumpkin tho.

Ended up with a snack of HB egg and 1/2 a SP shortly before bed.

After the pie I did have this urge to continue eating even tho I was full and i didn't really enjoy the pie. I'm just so concerned about adding in off plan items in the fear that I will be living on sugar, fruit and paleo-ified goodies again.

Almost stepped on the scale today at my mom's but resisted the urge because I know how numbers mess with my head. We had a nice Thanksgiving with all us kids and no arguing, which I think is a first. For some reason though, I got kind of depressed once I got back to my house and was almost crying. I have no idea why though.

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No hives from the coconut flour in that slice of pie last night :). I REALLY want to try some full fat coconut milk . . .

Foods for today:

M1: pork, bell pepper, onion with garlic, white pepper, cayenne, thyme, sage and salt - AMAZING! and a side of carnival squash with palm shortening and garlic/herb seasoning w/salt. And 1/2 of a small avocado.

M2: turkey, mayo, cran-cherry-jalepeno sauce, carrots, celery and left over 'wild rice stuffing' from whole9 site.

M3: turkey, mayo, spaghetti squash, green beans, onion, peperoncinis, kalamata oloves and italian seasoning.

It surprises me that I'm still doing so well! This will not jinx it tho! I will continue on with my success! 3 template meals a day, no snacking, no desserts. Awesome!

Headache seems a bit improved since starting the multi vitamin/mineral again. Still comes off and on but not as often.

I do wonder, how will I know if I'm eating too much? Other than being stuffed afterwards. Not hungry at next meal time would indicate I ate too much? I do have a hard time leaving food on my plate. Guess that's probably left from childhood where you were always told to finish your plate . . .

I shouldn't over think things. Ended up pretty hungry about bed time and had to eat if I was going to sleep. My head also hurts (an actual headache) tonight and I always get this urge to eat lots when my head hurts. At least this time I was also truly hungry. Ended up with more dinner, HB egg, SP, 1 spoonful sunflower seed butter, and some 'wild rice stuffing'. really proud of having only 1 spoon of nut butter :)

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All last night I was itchy all over. No hives or anything, just itchy. I haven't been itchy like this at all since avoiding anything coconut. Or maybe it was the sunflower seed butter? Inadvertently I have been avoiding both. Nut butter and most coconut things are food w/o brakes for me.

My headache from last night has only gotten worse. I barely even slept and I don't even want to get out of bed to make breakfast. I know I have to but I just can't move that much right now. Also light headed almost every time I get up today.

I wonder if this headache is related to this probably being the longest time I have gone without sugar or much in the way of fruit? I feel SO hungry today and everything desert-y is taunting me. I will stay strong and eat veggies, meats, & fats by the template today; even if it is more food than usual.

Oh, and the acne that was there/starting is gone, gurgly tummy is gone and smelly gas is gone, all by removing ghee. I guess ghee doesn't agree with me either. I already knew dairy didn't. Now what to do with the almost full jar??

I'll add in all my foods later as I don't plan ahead; I just make it up in the kitchen.

M1: 845 HB egg, water & 1 ibuprofen. Back to bed. I know this isn't exactly template but it's what I could manage.

M2: 1100 turkey bone broth, acorn squash, turkey, salt & garlic/herb. asparagus, palm shortening, lemon pepper.

M3: 130 green beans, carrots, dijon mustard. pork, thyme, sage & salt. SP w/mayo & chipotle. Another SP with palm shortening, salt & cinnamon. 1/2 of a small avocado. 2 more ibuprofen. headache was getting to the point of not being able to move again. full but still want to eat. really want ice cream or nut butter!

I don't know how I'm hungry on time when I ate SO MUCH at M3!

M4: 700 'wild rice stuffing', carrots, onion, celery & BV. kalamata olives.

I know I overate at lunch and I probably overate at dinner too (i was a bit stuffed after both) but I still am wanting sweets! I guess I was trying to make it so I'm too full to even possibly eat anything else?

About 600 I started getting super itchy. Well, I'm covered in hives! That's why. I'm guessing from the ibuprofen?? IDK, too many factors. Coconut on thanksgiving, sunflower seed butter yesterday, ibuprofen today . . .ended up taking 2 benedryl @ 700. head still hurts but hopefully the worst is over.

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Ended up with more benedryl around midnight.

Back to squeaky whole30-ish until this all clears up. No ibuprofen, nut butters, coconut anything and no multi! I did take a zyrtec this morning and may do so for another day or 2. Headache came back during yoga so I got some magnesium pills and took a eucalyptus/spearmint epsom salt bath.

Didn't wake up hungry at all. Really feeling the urge to restrict for all I ate yesterday and almost did by completely skipping breakfast. Decided on a small M1. Still wasn't hungry for M2, so made it another small one. Started finally getting hungry this evening around 700.

Realized while shopping today that I really like smelling all the sweet candles and such but am not feeling the need to eat sweets.

M1: soup for 1: turkey bone broth, pumpkin, turkey and all purpose seasoning. asparagus, smoke seasoning. half small avocado.

M2: 'wild rice stuffing,' broccoli, EVOO w/lemon pepper

Went to yoga. No pre or post as it's a calm, stretching, relaxing type yoga on Sundays.

M3: turkey, spaghetti squash, green beans, onion, kalamata olives, peperoncinis.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be back to normal. I'm feeling much better, emotionally, after dinner. Dinner was even a normal sized meal :)

Noticing this evening that I can't breathe thru my nose, it's all stuffed up. I haven't had this problem since I stopped taking zyrtec. Hopefully tomorrow I won't need it and the hives will just be gone. I'd like to breathe put of my nose again.

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I really thought today would start out different. Woke up again not hungry. Was going to have a small meal but made a full size meal instead and slowly ate it all.

Wasn't very hungry for lunch either so it was a bit smaller than I usually would've made. Gassy after lunch tho.

Finally! Actually hungry for dinner! Let's hope this continues to tomorrow!

M1: ~1.5C 'wild rice stuffing.' ~1C pumpkin w/a bit of bone broth and garlic/herb seasoning, dash of salt. 3/4 palm turkey and some cran-cherry-jalapeño sauce.

M2: 1 lg green bell pepper, ~1C spaghetti squash, 1 palm turkey, 1T EVOO & smoke seasoning (simple but delish)

Strength class. No pre or post, still figuring out what I need and wasn't hungry. Got nauseous towards the end of class. Took me about an hour after before I felt like I could eat anything. Class wasn't that great. I didn't feel as strong as I did a week and half to 2 weeks ago. Probably the fact that I haven't eaten well the past couple days and maybe the no pre/post too???

M3: ~1C green beans, some shallots & smoke seasoning. 1 medium white SP w/ 1T palm shortening, herbs due provence & dash of salt. 1 palm pork.

EXCELLENT episode of Dr. Oz today about gluten sensitivity and how it causes many problems/symptoms none of which require it to be intestinal issues.

I did fine on energy today. Got lots done! Second day of magnesium in the evening. Oh and no antihistamines today. Just BC am and magnesium pm. Hive are just red dots now. Waiting for them to be gone so I can maybe try some reintroductions of sorts.

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Woke up starving, shaky and grumpy today! >< EVERYTHING improved after eating M1.

M1: asparagus w/ lemon pepper. turkey & mayo w/cran-cherry-jalapeño sauce. pumpkin w/ a bit of bone broth & thyme, sage, white pepper, garlic powder, onion powder & salt . & a few spoons of bone broth straight from the jar. Turkey flavored jello . . . yum :)

I've really been wanting to have a cup of cocoa for the past several days. Made the egyptian licorice tea (which was much too sweet on its own) and added some cocoa powder. Tasted good, wasn't as sweet anymore but wasn't what I expected. I would've rather had a cup of bone broth!

M2: ' wild rice stuffing.' carrots & celery w/ACV.

Snack: HB egg (I get gas every time I have these)

M3: orange bell pepper, red onion, crimini mushrooms, turkey, lemon juice, garlic powder, ginger, & chives. 1/2 med avocado.

Felt satisfied after dinner but about 30 minutes later and I'm not sure I'm gonna make it until breakfast. I'm not exactly hungry but just feel like I won't last until breakfast, if that makes any sense. I ended up with a mug of bone broth as I still am just not sure.

All in all, a good day. My mood really has improved greatly since eating this way. I think this mornings mood was lack of food the past few days.

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Not as grumpy this morning. I didn't sleep very well last night. I think I went to bed too hungry.

M1: asparagus & green beans w/smoke seasoning. turkey w/mayo & mustard. pumpkin w/a couple spoons of bone broth, garlic/herb & salt. & a bit of homemade cashew milk so that the jar had enough space to be safe in the freezer.

M2: carrots, green beans, onion, turkey, avocado oil & BV.

Pre: turkey & 1/2 small avocado.

Strength class. Better than Monday but still not as good as it was.

Post: turkey & butternut squash.

M3: Kirkland stir fry veggies (minus corn and mushrooms, the mushrooms just were . . . bleach!), turkey, garlic, ginger, red pepper, lemon juice, & rice vinegar. 1/2 a small avocado. Small white SP and pumpkin w/palm shortening & salt.

Bad cramps/gas after the stir fry veggies. For the first time in over 3 weeks, I sat in front of the TV with the SP/pumpkin mix (couldn't miss criminal minds!). But I only ate the bowl I made and didn't keep getting more food from the kitchen.

I really wanted sunflower seed butter today. Didn't do it tho. The hives I had are still visible but are just barely raised, small, red spots now. Hoping all signs will be gone soon so I can try some reintros.

I was hungry for EVERY meal I had. Other than dinner, I never felt full after any of my meals. I was also quite grumpy by dinner time. I'm guessing low on food and carbs?? Also, the Reynaud's hasn't bugged me this winter so far except a handful of times. Last year it was daily this time of year. Well, today it was back several times. Still better than last year but I expect more in the next week since the high today was about 20F and it's only going to get colder.

Spoke too soon. Pissed off cuz the cat peed on the blanket on the couch. The only thing saving me right now is the fact that there atr no sweets in my house! Other than honey and maple syrup; bit they're frozen! Too cold to go to the store . . .

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Didn't sleep the best again. Slept several hours straight but then kept waking up; hungry, too hot, had to pee . . . Still a bit grumpy this morning but otherwise was a pretty even mood all day.

I've been eating at the lower end of the template since I wasn't very hungry over the weekend & I thought I was over eating. There's too much hunger going on; I'm moving the food back up today.

M1: carrots, celery, & ACV. turkey & mayo w/cayenne. butternut squash w/smoke seasoning. mug of turkey bone broth. (3C veggies, 1.25 protein, 2 fat)

M2: bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, turkey, taco seasoning & lime juice. whole avocado. (3C veggies, 1.5 protein, 2 fat)

M3: pollock w/grill shakers steak seasoning. green beans, shallots, EVOO & smoke seasoning. butternut squash, cinnamon, salt & palm shortening. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 2 fat)

Breakfast kept me satisfied for ~6 hours & lunch ~4 hours. No 'STARVING, MUST EAT NOW' hunger today, which was a welcome change.

I'm thinking I'll try some coconut tomorrow. The hives are barely visible anymore so I think it's safe to try a reintro. IDK, I may not be brave enough.

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Again, didn't sleep well last night. It's been SO cold, single digits to negatives at night and *maybe* teens during the day. Maybe the furnace running is what keeps waking me. Legs were super itchy last night. They are so dry tho! No hives or rashes.

M1: butternut squash, green beans, onion, herbs de provence & turkey. mug of turkey bone broth. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat - not as hungry this am)

M2: carrots, broccoli w/BV. turkey w/mayo & dijon. (3C veggies, 1.5 protein, 1 fat)

M3: sardines in water. okra w/smoke seasoning, garlic, cumin & cayenne. boiled white/orange SP w/cocoa, dash of salt & full fat coconut milk. (~3C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

Oh my! Lots of stinky gas after lunch! My guess . . . broccoli! Gas finally calmed down about dinner time (when I was home. alone.)

Never had okra before tonight. It was actually pretty good. I really thought I would've enjoyed the SP mix better if it were savory instead of chocolate . . . Odd for me to say, but it's true. No cravings and able to stop eating, no problem, after the SP mix. Awesome!

Took an epsom salt bath tonight and my legs don't seem as dry feeling this evening. I've been taking magnesium every evening for 6 days now & my legs still cramp easily but it's not as bad & I 'go' every morning. I might take my night rest with melatonin tonight to see if maybe I can get a full nights' sleep.

*finger crossed* for no hives! (I braved the coconut tonight)

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Didn't take the night rest but actually slept pretty well. Legs were a bit itchy but I still think it is just that they're dry. Coconut seemed to have gone well.

M1: okra, carrots, garlic, cumin, cayenne & salt. turkey w/mayo & dijon. mug of bone broth. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

M2: green beans, onions, cranberries, turkey, sage, thyme rosemary. (2.5C veggies, 1 protein, forgot the fat! :(

Snack: 2 HB eggs.

M3: butternut squash & sautéed cauliflower w/smoke seasoning. turkey w/mayo & dijon. 1/2 can coconut milk. 1/2 avocado. 6T sunflower seed butter. (3C veggies, 1.5 protein, 11 fats!)

Ended up back in the kitchen eating 3T coconut butter. I need to keep some emergency fat at work so I'm set if I forget again. I can't shake this 'I need to eat everything' feeling.

Forgot to add the fat to my lunch before leaving the house. Hungry all afternoon! Now i know what that does. I have been CRAVING anything sweet since i got home. Ugh, I ate so much! Back on track tomorrow! I really want the ice cream that's in my basement freezer but then if i end up with hives I wont know if it was coconut, dairy or sunflower seed butter. Hopefully i don't end up with any.

Lots of stinky gas; started before lunch but got worse after. It almost seems as if everything is giving me gas again. Seems better this evening.

Such a crazy day at work! Pipes burst, 1 furnace broken, breakers keep flipping because of all the heaters, didn't get any animals booked in but I did get retail all set for tomorrow's open house. So tired and hungry tonight.

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This is a non-clinical, non-professional thought, but have you had your adrenals checked? With a 24-hour saliva test? I went through a horrible, very stressful time in my life a few years back when I couldn't buy sleep. Through the saliva test a whacky hormone imbalance was identified and I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. Insomnia and freaky anxiety (about everything) were my most prominent symptoms. My holistic doc started me out with prescription and non-prescription hormone replacement which we were able to back me out of eventually. But they changed my sleep pattern almost immediately.

Now that I'm on a good track for eating and working out in my life, I've been able to recover from the adrenal fatigue somewhat, but I have to keep an eye on myself and be diligent about my bedtime. I now get to bed according to my body's clues as much as possible (like when I am having to drag myself around or can't keep my eyelids open) even if it is only 8:30 or 9. I keep the room as dark as I can and never look at the clock when I wake up in the night.

Also, be careful with the melatonin. Don't take too much of it or too frequently. Dr. Oz had a great segment on that not too long ago with a doctor warning abut the dangers of taking more than .5 mg of melatonin. It sure confirmed for me that we should use it sparingly.

Just the thoughts (born of long experience and a great holistic MD) of a recovering insomniac, for what it's worth. I hope you can start sleeping soon. No sleep makes life almost joyless.

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Melbournegirl: thanks :) Things definitely seem rough at times but they are heaps better than the beginning of the year. I rarely take zyrtec anymore where I had to take it every day and still had hives! That in itself is awesome! The gas has improved as well, by removing dairy I believe. Sometimes it just seems I get gas or hives from everything. It's hard to figure out!

Gramma Susie: interesting. I will keep the adrenal fatigue in mind if this continues. The furnace literally runs every 30-45 minutes lately since it's so cold which could totally be what's waking me so much. I sleep w/a sound machine on & and wake immediately if it goes off. the high today . . . 5°F! Good to know on the melatonin! I did go through a couple of weeks where I used it almost daily . . . oops!

Unfortunately, doctors seem to think I'm crazy and tell me nothing's wrong. Ive made more progress with trial and error on my own than with a doctor.

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I did good and didn't eat the ice cream last night. Also, no hives this morning! Yay! Not much gas for all I ate last night which is probably a first. I also did not stress about what I ate. Maybe a positive attitude helps? Not craving all the junk I was last night anymore, either. What a good start today!

Thinking about digestion . . . I may be expecting too much. My mom has IBS, which is terrible, and she won't change her diet, and my dad . . . well, we'll just say his digestion has been WAY off for as long as I can remember and he has never tried to solve any of it. I do better than they do, granted I also eat way better, maybe this is the best I can hope for?

I did buy some chopsticks today. I feel like I eat my food kind of fast and chop sticks make me slow down and really enjoy my food. Plus, I just like eating all kinds of foods with them :)

Must to do grocery shopping tomorrow! The fridge and freezer are practically empty!

M1: green beans, shallots, mushrooms, garlic, S&P. turkey w/mayo & CCJ sauce. (2C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

M2: carrots, celery, turkey, BV, dijon, & rosemary. 1/2 avocado. (2C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

Yoga :) I like this instructor. Not as much as Crystal, but she's gone for a few months.

M3: 1 can sardines, green beans, cumin, garlic & cayenne. white SP w/palm earth balance coconut spread. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

Ended up w/a HB egg before bed. Not hungry, per se, but just felt like I needed a little more to make it til morning. I do have to say that I'm still learning about listening to my body. There was this odd almost heavy/slight stomach achiness after the egg.

So cold tonight and can't get warm. Now have 2 comforters on the couch and turned the heat up.

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Slept really well last night! I wonder if not taking magnesium for the last 2 nights has anything to do with it? Shaky this morning but no grumpiness. Eating with chopsticks is hard when you're shaky!

Thinking I need to avoid coconut again. I was itchy all over last night (especially the lower half of my left leg) for no good reason other than having coconut something for the past 3 days. Still itchy off an on today and a few hives. I think I was right about the coconut :(

M1: Italian veggies (carrots, bell pepper, zucchini, cauliflower broccoli, Romano beans), turkey, EVOO, lemon juice, sliced garlic & pepper. Mug and a half of turkey bone broth. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

I was hungry off and on all morning and should've listened and ate something more since by the time lunch came I felt like I just needed to shovel it all into my mouth as fast as I could!

M2: 1/2 medium acorn squash w/smoke seasoning. green beans w/fenugreek (gross bit ate em cuz it's all I had). turkey w/dijon. 1/2 avocado. another 1/2 avocado w/CCJ sauce. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 2 fat)

Even after all that I still felt the need to eat more even though I was definitely full.

Pre-WO: turkey, 1/2 small avocado. (1/2 protein, 1/2 fat)

Strength class, 1 hour. Workout was pretty good :)

Post-WO: turkey, 1/8 medium acorn squash. (1/2 protein)

Still playing with pre and post meals; seeing how much I need. I have figured out that I do better with them; now it's just how much. The full template amount leaves me too full for much dinner and none makes me starving, eat everything, a day or two later.

M3: asparagus, mushrooms, turkey, sliced garlic & EVOO. (2C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

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I guess I haven't actually given much thought to FODMAPs. Several months ago I quit eating onions for a bit and didn't have any improvement. That doesn't mean it wouldn't now tho. I always just think that this is the way everyone lives even though I know different. I've never been diagnosed with IBS or anything but it is genetic . . .

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I just don't understand why I'm so impatient/grumpy sometimes. I used to have the most patience ever. This was a couple years ago, but . . . I just want my patience back the way it was.

Slept pretty well again. Also no magnesium still; probably not going to take that anymore. Itchy all night tho and the few hives that showed up did not go away. Woke up hungry in the middle if the night but was able to sleep again w/o getting up to eat. Shaky again this morning.

M1: spaghetti squash, crock pot pork, green beans, onion, EVOO, peperoncinis. 1T sunflower seed butter. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 2 fat)

M2: Italian veggies, turkey, basil & EVOO. (3C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

Snack: bone broth & small piece acorn squash. (so hungry when I got home that I needed something so I could focus enough to make dinner)

M3: carrots, snap peas, celery, turkey, avocado oil & frontier all purpose seasoning. 1/4 medium acorn squash w/cinnamon & salt. garner yam w/sunflower seed butter. (~4C veggies, 1 protein, 2.5 fat)

Snack: 1T avocado oil, 1/2T cocoa powder, 1t sugar and I took and dipped avocado in this.

I don't feel bad about my chocolate snack. I haven't had any actual sweets in almost 7 weeks! That's huge for me all on its own!

I do need to figure out the right amount of food for me though. Until after dinner and snack, I never really felt satisfied today and I'm waking up too hungry.

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Eh, so maybe chocolate wasn't the best idea last night since I couldn't stop. Probably had more to do w/sugar than the chocolate itself. I had so much chocolate. I ate until I was stuffed, my stomach was a bit upset and I didn't want anymore chocolate (but yet I still wanted to eat!). Well, you live and learn, right? Not really regretting all that chocolate-ness last night other than the fact that I have more hives and feel not so great today. Trial & error; part of life after. Feeling good about being back on track today.

Sleep sucked; to be expected. Brain would not shut up, couldn't relax, tossed and turned all night(all the blankets on my bed are SO messed up!). Headache this morning too. Feeling bloated today.

Muscle cramps are returning. Maybe I'll try natural calm this time around? Stomach still upset from all that chocolate. More hives and itchiness. Not sure but I think sunflower seed butter may play a part in the hives as well? Good thing the jar is empty. Other than coconut, all the things that give me hives so far have been high histamine foods. (<--- just an observation)

Back to whole30 for at least a few days; until things sort out. Tried for a simple breakfast. Pretty sure eggs give me terrible gas but not ready to pull them so we'll see what happens today. I normally have them HB. Odd . . . No stinky gas today; even after the eggs, twice. Maybe just HB eggs give me gas? That seems odd tho.

Hmmmm . . . not feeling impatient/grumpy today. Maybe I need to include some sugar daily? In the form of fruit? Or maybe I under eat?

M1: mug of bone broth. boiled SP w/mayo. 4 scrambled eggs w/spaghetti squash & all purpose seasoning. (2C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

I only ate about 1/3 of M1, of which, I really only wanted a couple bites of. Took the rest in case I'm hungry before lunch but I doubt I will be. Took a zyrtec this morning; much too itchy and too many hives!

M2: 1/2 large acorn squash, red onion, green beans, crock pot pork, garlic, salt & EVOO. (3C veggies, 2 protein, 1 fat)

Was starving by the time lunch rolled around. Ate it all.

PreWO: 1/2 the left over scrambled eggs from breakfast.

1 hr strength class. Went pretty well.

PostWO: SP & turkey. (1 protein, 1/2C carb)

M3: mug of bone broth. crock pot pork, celery, mushrooms, carrots, BV, dijon & tarragon! Delish! Oops! Forgot to add any fat! Hmmmm . . . 1/2 avocado too. (2C veggies, 1 protein, 1 fat)

Ready for tomorrow! :)

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Woke up with a terrible headache. Feel really bad about it, but called in sick because I know I'll be of no help and last time, I took ibuprofen for it and ended up covered in hives, so I'm afraid to take anything for it this time. I didn't have this many headaches before Whole30. Why now?

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A lot of thinking and *my own* rule making today.

Woke up seeing a bright/blurry spot out of my left eye and a headache above my right. A bit of light headedness and shaky again. Stayed home from work; could feel it getting worse and knew I'd be of no help. Afraid to take anything for it since I ended up covered in hives last time. Took a magnesium pill; maybe it'll be OK since it's only 1 & it's in the am.

I do think the headaches are nutritional deficiency based as I am insatiably hungry when I have them and I didn't have them when I was taking a multi vitamin/mineral.

Hives from yesterday are obviously still visible, but they aren't itchy. Yay!

M1: asparagus w/lemon pepper. turkey & SP w/mayo & mustard.

M2: 1/4 large acorn squash, green beans, onion, cranberries, crock pot pork, EVOO, & sage, thyme & rosemary.

Total binge day. Chocolate, nuts, cookies, ice cream, graham crackers, marshmallows. . . way too much. Did it get rid of my headache? No. Did it make me feel any better? Not exactly; but, I was happy eating it and I won't beat myself up over it. Tomorrow is a new start, for reals!

Took 2 acetaminophen before the gym. I do have to say, my mood does seem quite a bit better after a binge. There's something going on there. Not quite sure what though.

Went to the gym tonight and took a nice, long, good paced walk on the treadmill (too cold and dark outside). Ended up being 1 hr 20 min at 3-3.5mph with varying incline. I was going to go longer but I haven't used the treadmill in awhile and my arches were starting to hurt.

I haven't weighed myself for several months. While at the gym, the wanting to weigh myself won this time. I was always between 122-125 when I was weighing every time I went. Today, AFTER my binge, I was 125! That really has made me feel better; knowing that I weigh the same. I really expected 1. that I had gained weight and 2. that I would weigh much more after this afternoon's food fest.

M3: not template, but my binge earlier left no room and the 'binge, burn, restrict' me came out a bit. Equal parts black currant/chia Kombucha w/club soda.

I need to find an in between, a what works for me. I keep trying to follow others rules. I need my own rules. Not be so strict that I end up binging, but enough to keep me eating mostly healthy. I do love the food I eat, but, not too long ago, I -lived- on some form of sugar. Maybe my body needs more than someone else's; maybe it's just too much for me all at once; I don't know. All I can do is try different things until I find what works for me.

So . . . My very own rules: (STARTING TOMORROW!)

*multi vitamin/mineral

*omega 3

*3 meals w/ at least 3C veggies, 1 protein & 1 fat

*1 serving of fruit daily, up to one serving per meal

*treats are allowed, not in place of any meal, and *at most* 1 treat per day, preferably more like 3 a week. mostly homemade item w/the occasional store bought or restaurant made

*non-gluten grains allowed up to twice per week

*alcohol is allowed, no more than 2 drinks in one night and at most twice per week

*at least 8 glasses of water per day

*NO CALORIE COUNTING! I'm to OCD for that.

These rules can be bent for special events. ex. birthdays, holidays . . .

These rules will not be in effect for Christmas Eve/Day and not New Year's Eve. A lot of our Christmas traditions are treats and if I'm going out for New Years I WILL be drinking (who knows maybe I'll be able to drive myself home this year lol) For those days, I *will* have 3 template meals and really think about which items are really worth it (which, for me, a lot of them will be since everything is homemade) but I will do my best to not go over board on them. I have no limit on alcoholic beverages as long as I don't have so much that I can't drive myself home (can't do that with family). I will have 1-2 glasses of water between each drink though.

I think that covers it all and now it's in writing. I might need to write it and put it on the fridge though for awhile.

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