Sometimes the subtle improvements are HUGE.


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I've done 2 successful Whole30s in the past and for the last 30 days have been eating my modified Whole30 diet. Just want to share one of the subtle improvements I've experienced since switching over to paleo eating: waking up and not feeling overwhelmed by the day that lies ahead.


Work has kept me crazy busy these past several weeks. In the past, I would wake in the morning with a sense of dread and resistance to taking on the day's challenges. This has gone away since changing my diet. I can't say that I jump out of bed with boundless energy feeling refreshed and ready-to-go, but feeling calm, steady and not overwhelmed is a far cry from how I'd feel during the days of eating lots of white bread and baked goods.


So sometimes when I get bogged down in the other ways that Whole30ish eating hasn't "fixed" everything that can be a problem for me - this subtle improvement alone has been entirely worth it.



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I find that I am so much calmer and my moods are more stable when I am eating clean than when I venture off the road. I'm super cranky if I have stuff like bread or sweets. Protein, vegetables and fruits are my friends. I'm ok with beans and a a little dairy in the form of cheese, but bread and sweets kick my butt.

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