Whole Food eating for dogs - help?


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JJB, I use cornish game hens and chicken wings for my cats bone sources.  My big cat can eat a chicken quarter no problem but my smaller one can't.  Chicken backs here are very expensive and the only place that has them is whole foods.  When I butcher whole chickens I do save the backs and necks for the cats though but that's maybe one or two a month.  Small bits of raw meat are a good idea.  Grind up your cat food if you currently feed them dry and coat the pieces with it.  This can help finicky cats transition off dry food.  


For your cat who can't have chicken it's going to be a bit trickier.  I suggest googling some raw cat food recipes.  Other poultry sources are probably prohibitively expensive but you can do a beef or turkey based recipe if you replace the bone with bone meal. There are also supplements you can add to straight meat.  IMO that's not ideal but it's world's above commercial cat food.  If you go with the supplement route make sure to read the ingredients.  I bought one when switching my cat, who's now passed, to raw but it ended up having MSG in it so I threw it out.


I also wanted to update on my dog.  It's not cancer!!  It was a huge hematoma on her spleen.  The spleen still needed to come out asap but her prognosis is now great once we get her healed from the surgery.  I can't believe she beat the odds at her age!  :)

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To the original poster, Maryann, there are some natural things you can give to offset the effects of the phenobarb on the liver. I've had 2 epileptic dogs in the past. Neither one was able to go off their meds as their seizures were still happening regularly WITH them. Do a google search for holistic liver support in epileptic dogs. All of the supplements are easily found at a health food store, with some of them able to be bought from the grocery store. It won't help get your dog medication free, but it will help their liver. Seizures are scary. Our vet told us to think of it this way; every seizure is also a heart attack. It just puts so much stress on their systems. If the meds are helping, I would continue them. We've done both the phenobarbital and the potassium bromide.

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