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First Whole30 with pics


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I've always had a bit of a weight problem, going up as high as 210 lbs about 3.5 years ago. As the weight has slowly come down, I've gotten more and more active and eating better and better. I think this was the last shove I needed to make my lifestyle changes more of a reality and more consistent. 


Changes I have noticed are:

- Less sugar cravings. Normally I just couldn't get enough of chocolate/ice cream/cookies, and though I still get a bit of a craving, I don't feel like I NEED it. There's a big difference in telling when I truly want something. 

- The ability to just say NO to all the junk people offer me. It's usually not exactly what I want or that great to begin with, so saying no has been extremely easy the entire time. 

- No more acid reflux. It's something that become increasingly worse over a long period of time, so it's a relief for it to just be gone and not ruin every night when I'm trying to sleep.

- No more diarrhea/stomach problems (bound to happen since I AM lactose intolerant, so finally just cutting out all diary has made a significant improvement).

- No more general malaise; On a typical day I would just feel bleh, all day long; just feeling fat and bloated and kinda queasy. Not a big surprise that eating more vegetables in one month than I have in my entire lifetime would start healing my body and mind, lol.

- Weight changes. I wasn't able to take measurements, so I took pictures instead. Wish I had shown more leg because my jeans are definitely loose and have to keep tightening the belt lol. I feel leaner all around, and it just feels great. 


Though I do aspire to live quite a healthy life now, I definitely did the Whole30 for that boost in losing weight. And though I may not be as strict when I'm not doing the Whole30, this way of eating will still be greatly implemented into my diet habits. Major things I will be sticking with include severely limiting bread/pasta, dairy, and no more sugar binges. And DEFINITELY getting in my vegetables every day.


Anyhow, here are my photos. I do see some slight changes, not as much as I'd like but I feel a lot different which is even better! The scale also gave me some leeway and I did lose 8 pounds -- 179 to 171. (I'm 5'5" for the record).




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Great progress!  I saw that your acid reflux has relented since eating healthier.  I am just finishing Day 7 of the Whole 30 and that was my favorite part of the program.  I have not had a single reflux incident since Day 1.  It certainly makes it easier to sleep!

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