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First Whole30..starting log on Day 7


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I started this on a whim last monday after stumbling upon it on Sunday night. That being said, I had done NO preparation, which led to a rather expensive and somewhat overwhelming week :)


I made it starting the day with 2 eggs and veggies, lunch was often grilled chicken w/ steamed broccoli on top of lettuce with a bit of oil and dinners were usually a turkey burger, half an avocado mixed w/ salsa and a small sweet potato on top of lettuce.


Day 7

3 mile run

B- apple, small handful of mixed nuts, 2 egg cups with ham, leftover green bean casserole (made w/ parsnips, onions & mushrooms) (http://detoxinista.com/2012/11/clean-green-bean-casserole-vegan-paleo/)


I workout right before work so I don't have time for a PWO meal and if I eat ANYTHING before running, I get severe cramps


L- leftover greenbean casserole, coconut chicken tenders, coffee w/ coconut milk


D- lean ground beed sauteed w/ onions and diced tomatoes over spaghetti squash, kale sauteed w/ garlic, 5 frozen cherries


I have the biggest sweet tooth EVER (basically a mouth full of sweet teeth) but really the hardest part of this diet has been breaking away from the scale. I had my fiance hide it from me. We're in a small NYC apartment so it wouldn't be too hard to find but I find myself thinking of the number constantly. I think it will be good for me to lay off that silly thing. I've always been healthy but taking off these last 5-7 pounds has been HARD. Hoping this gets me closer to that goal!

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Freeing myself from the scale during my whole 30 was fantastic - I have to weigh myself now (working with a coach for my sport and it involves tracking weight and measurements), but I associate less with the number and don't care so much about it. I also don't need to weigh myself more than the once a week i'm expected to! well done for having the scales hidden, and try to worry less about the number and think about your body composition instead. it's a much better indicator!


preWO, could you consider something so small as a spoon of nut butter? even a bit of coconut oil? this would signal to your body that you're up and about to do something :) ideally, you should have a postWO with starchy vegies and no fat with your protein, and a proper meal later. is there any way of eating at work? you could have a substantial meal without fat at home, then a smaller mini meal with a decent amount of fats a bit later.


also, is your ham compliant? I don't think many people have had luck finding a compliant ham!

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Hi Amberino! I can certainly try something small before other forms of exercise, but for some reason, eating or drinking anything before running has always led to cramp issues. I've discussed this with trainers and nutritionists with different advice, but nothing really seems to help. I can definitely break up breakfast into mini meals to fit in a post WO meal, though. That's helpful! Would a sweet potato and an egg work? 


The ham I got was all natural boar's head from the deli- to be honest, I didn't think it wouldn't be compliant but I guess I'm still figuring this out!


Thanks for the tips :)

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TBH, preWO isn't overly important, and many people workout on an empty stomach. I don't technically eat a preWO - I usually have lunch a couple of hours before, and then have a coffee with a bit of coconut oil and gelatin whizzed through just before I train so I get a bit of fat and protein.


i'd have chicken breast (or turkey, or another lean protein) postWO, with your sweet potato. It should be about a meal sized portion of protein. eggs are a bit fatty  - you could save have a couple of HB eggs later as part of your next mini meal :)


I would check about the ham - it's like to have sugar or sweetener at the very least. ask for the ingredients, not just the nutritional info. if it is compliant, lucky you!! :)

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Day 8


8am- egg cups, detoxinista green bean casserole, half grapefruit, a few nuts

12:30- company lunch (hard!) walu crudo w/ small bits of avocado and drizzled w/ lemon infused oil, sea bass on top of pureed turnips. A few bites of baked apple. Peppermint tea.

7:30pm - got home later than expected, starving- leftover meatsauce with spaghetti squash and sauteed kale, 5 frozen cherries


Work lunch was HARD. I was literally the only person who didn't have chocolate cake in front of them at the end. It's not that I was craving the cake, but it just felt awkward with everyone pointing out my alternate meal. I knew when I started this last Monday that this week would be difficult. It's Thanksgiving on Thursday and I had been the one planning this company Thanksgiving lunch. The baked apple had some sugar but after beating myself up about it, I have decided NOT to anymore.  That won't help me mend my crazy relationship with food :)

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Day 9


8am- egg cups, detox green bean casserole, walnuts, half grapefruit

1pm- coconut chicken tenders, green beans, coffee w/ coconut milk

7pm- leftover meat sauce (onions, garlic, tomatoes), spaghetti squash, sauteed kale


So happy this green bean casserole is almost finished (before Thanksgiving, no less). Although it was tasty, I've been sick of it for 2 days now. I feel a difference in energy- I wake up before my alarm and maintain a pretty steady good mood all day- I have been wrestling with fatique and irratability/moodinessfor a long time so this is huge for me....and my fiance :)


I feel a slight difference in body weight but I'm hopeful for more results. Trying not to be too focused on that but I'm getting married in May so it's definitely on my mind!!!

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