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Tips for Surviving Days 1-3


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Hello to Whole30 Forum!


Greetings from someone who CAN'T seem to make it through Day 1 much less Days 2 & 3. 

Every. Single. Day. I strive to be strong, but I fail. 

For the past 7 months we've been remodeling a home. My food addictions have spiraled out of control. 

I realize that everyone struggles to make it through those first few days when sugar and carb withdrawals are fierce.

Everyone seems to survive and move on.

I on the other hand am always back at Day 1 trying to make it happen! 

What tips do you have for making it through those first few days?


Thank you in advance for the awesome support!



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What is it that makes you not get past the first few days? what do you end up doing?


I would recommend eating plenty of food, and drinking plenty of water. Ensure you're getting plenty of fat and including starchy vegies in your intake. if it's sugar/cravings that break you, it may be a lack of carbs. eat carbs - just the right ones, and only at meal times!

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Thanks for the response amberino21.


I begin each day feeling strong & determined. Then between 11 - 1 pm I cave and grab the crackers or cheese or whatever else to sabotage my intentions. 


Then I tell myself "I'll begin tomorrow."

It's like THE FOOD is more important. 

It's the cycle of sabotage. 


And now I'm thinking WHY are the cheese & crackers still in the house? 

And. Why don't I take a long walk during these hours of temptation?


Drinking water all morning is a great suggestion. 

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when you go for the cheese and crackers, is it because you're bored or hungry? if you're actually hungry, have a mini meal. make it a compliant meal of protein, fat and vegies. get rid of the temptations out of your house! if they're not there, it's a lot harder for you to eat them :) perhaps having a big breakfast will help you get through the rough hours before lunch. perhaps planning 4 meals, slightly closer together, for the first few days would be good for you to get out of the habit of snacking on cheese and crackers. have all your meals prepared even if you're spending the day at home so you don't have to think about what to eat, or worry about taking time to prepare anything.


if i'm bored, it used to be easy to eat to fill the hole - now I busy myself instead. i'll do food prep. i'll clean. start a new project. read a book. something that keeps me busy :)  a walk would be a great idea.

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I agree with amberino! Get rid of the temptations. Take the time to really give yourself a proper prep day before W30 and go through your pantry/fridge checking the ingredient labels to see what things are compliant and what aren't. I had to put SO many items in another storage area that I don't go into regularly, so they are out of sight and out of the kitchen. Make sure you have food prepped and ready to go so you don't have to think about what you can eat. If there are non-compliant, easier things to reach for, you will. And the fat is super important. I definitely notice a difference when I forget to eat my healthy fats! I get hungry really soon after eating a full meal. Again, make sure you're drinking enough water. :)

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