Aging doofus, starting on 12/1/13


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My name is Scott and I'll be starting the Whole30 tomorrow.  I used to be able to eat anything I wanted all the time, but I've hit my 40s and don't want to be one of those guys who just gives up at that age.  I also have a literally startling ability to shovel in large amounts of junk food, to the point that the local chili dog place wanted to put my picture on the wall, and my friends have semi-jokingly suggested that I take up competitive eating.


I've eaten "mostly paleo" at various points in my life with good results, and used to date a girl who was really into CrossFit, so I'm familiar with the outline.  I don't currently eat any grains, refined sugars, potatoes, legumes, etc., and I don't drink alcohol or abuse recreational drugs anymore.


(I don't personally participate in CrossFit and have no interest in doing so, just not my thing, although I do work out at home.)


I suspect my major difficulties will be diet sodas and tobacco; I drink diet cola all day every day, and while I've successfully stopped smoking, I've just replaced it with smokeless tobacco and that'll need to go as well.  I've quit tobacco for years at a time (started smoking when I was 12) and expect to be able to do so again with some amount of discomfort.  Diet soda will be more difficult, as my work situation right now is such that I can't spend days cold-turkeying off of caffeine, and I'm on some medication that makes me thirsty and I often seem to need carbonation, so I'm switching to green tea and unflavored carbonated water.  Hopefully once I've made that transition, I can get rid of the carbonation, but realistically I don't think fizzy water will be a negative factor in the meantime.


I made it through Thanksgiving without eating any junk food and have a supportive girlfriend and her extended family who won't make it difficult for me to get through Christmas.


My goals are to improve my body composition and to cut down on my risk factors for the various diseases that everyone higher on the family tree seems to get.  I'm not super worried about my scale weight but I'd like to cut my bodyfat significantly.


Below is a current picture; hopefully once I've hit my goals, I'll be comfortable posting full "before and after" pics.


Anyway, glad to be here and excited about the challenge.  I'm sure I'll mostly lurk but I'll be around.  :)



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Hi Scott!


Just wanted to drop in and encourage you in your goals.  It seems like you really want to get serious about your health and I'm sure that with your determination and support, you will achieve great things!


You know, you probably don't have to give up carbonation.  Like you said, plain carbonated water should be ok.  I personally drink Gerolsteiner water, which supposedly is naturally carbonated and a source of important minerals:


Another healthful thing you might replace your diet sodas with is water kefir.  Do you know about it?  If not, do an internet search and you will find all kinds of videos and articles about how to make it.  It's a fermented drink you can make at home.  It is fizzy, like pop, and slightly sweet, and the best part is it gives you lots of probiotics.  :)


Anyway, I wish you all the best and good luck!



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