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Troubleshooting after the whole 30?


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Hi everyone, I am hoping for some insight into problems I am having after the whole 30.  I finished my whole 30 almost a month ago.  I did the reintro (except dairy, which I never eat) and nothing affected me too much, but after the reintro I decided to stay gluten free, and I have only had gluten free oats once and white rice a few times since then.  This week was Thanksgiving and I was trying out all kinds of paleo treats to bring to my sisters and I noticed that now I can't eat nuts with out pretty bad stomach pain for a few hours after.  I have also had the pain after eating my eggs in the morning and even just after a salad (romaine, red pepper, cucumber, turkey, apple) today.  It seems like my stomach is hurting all the time recently.  Has anyone ever dealt with this or heard of someone who went through this after the whole 30?  I'm trying to figure out why this would happen.  Also, if anyone has any egg free breakfast suggestions, that would be helpful.  Thanks in advance!

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Stomach pain after eating nuts, salad, or eggs makes me question if you are having a problem with the foods themselves. I wouldn't think twice if you complained of pain after eating nuts, but salad and eggs would be highly unusual for creating stomach pain. I wonder if you are having a stomach problem generally. 

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How did you do the reintro?


From my experience:


Reintroducing different foods into your diet might of irritated your gut's inner-linning. You might of reintroduced to many different things too fast. I don't think everyone is the same in terms of how fast they feel the effects of a reintro. I think that to be safe, next time you should reintro 1 food, wait 2 weeks, than another food.

Personnaly, when I eat gluten/dairy just once, I might not feel energetic, but I don't feel pain. If I eat it a few times in a week, then it can be a couple of weeks before I stop suffering the consequences. I actualy get delayed effects. I will get random stomach pain (after eating very simple/complient foods). These pains really get random for me.

I just figure my gut linning has suffered damage and it needs to rebuild.

Not sure about the science, but this is what my experience tells me.


Hope this helps. Good luck!

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It might be too many reintros too close together? some things have a slower reaction on how they hit you, especially grains.


You had oats? Some people who have gluten reactions also can't handle oats (I can't) -> http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/glutenfreegrains/f/Is-Oatmeal-Gluten-Free.htm 

Did you have any wheat during your reintros?

It takes me well over a month to recover from eating gluten, it really messes with my digestion and I have trouble digesting everything if I've eaten it (particularly protein and anything that's not soft-squishy-carbs like sweet potato or pumpkin). Whatever else is going on, try sweet potato or pumpkin with protein that's not chicken or egg and coconut oil, I find that combo the easiest on my stomach if it's not working well


While I don't have an obvious reaction to rice (like I do wheat), it does seem to give me higher inflammation (not really noticable, until I cut it out altogether) and it doesn't help my digestion. Rice for me is least-worst, but everyone is different.


Some nuts also have different content to others, especially in skins. Hazelnuts have none of the enzymes that some people have trouble with.


Your salad had red pepper, which is a nightshade.

Eggs are eliminated on the AutoImmune Protocol, but it's more likely protein not digesting, given you also had a reaction to the salad.

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