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Hi everyone,

Im having trouble with nuts, any and all of them. They almost feel like a replacement food for the sugar dragon.  Has anyone ever experienced this before?  I am currently  eating way to many, some form after every meal, often a lot. They are what I am drawn to eat  and what helps me feel finished.  Obviously, Ive thought about cutting them out completely due to my nutty behavior. Funny thing is with foods you are addicted to (for me sugar and nuts) that's a tall order. 

To make it a little more interesting I have some gut stuff going on that I suppose could be creating the drive to eat the nuts- it is with the sugar! I have candida krusei (a less common form of candida) and 3 others in moderate amounts- enterococcus casseliflafus, citrobacter braakii,and lactococcus garvieae in case you find that stuff interesting or have similar experiences.  I am taking some supplements to kill these guys off but that wont make the die off process any easier for me and my sugar dragon :)


In short Im flailing at keeping the nuts in appropriate amounts and keeping sugar out is heroic to say the least and moderately successful. Otherwise eating wise things are groovy as Ive had paleo practice.

Tips? Advise?



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Nuts are "food without brakes" for many people, and often why limited consumption is recommended. I'd suggest cutting the nuts out, and finding another source of fat - mayo is a personal favourite of mine - and adding enough of that to your meals.

If you're snacking on nuts between meals too, it perhaps suggests your meals aren't big enough. If you're actually hungry between meals consider increasing fat and protein, as well as making sure you're getting 2-3 cups of vegies.

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I'm with Amberino.  Vote the nuts off the island and eat more food (especially more fat).  Most of us undereat when we start Whole30.  This seems to be especially true of women.  We're kind of afraid of the volume of food we are really supposed to eat.  I bet, if you're needing something to feel finished at every meal, you need more food at every meal.  I do understand that there can be a habit of dessert that has nothing to do with hunger, but I think so many of us (again, especially women) are so used to saving calories for dessert that we really just don't eat enough for meals.  I have turned my former mixing bowls into dinner bowls!!!  That's especially true for days when I eat salads.  Covered in mayonnaise, of course! :wub:

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