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Any referrals for a whole9 or paleo retreat?


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Hey there whole9 community, 


My sister and I want to get our mom involved in the whole9 lifestyle. Unfortunately, she has a couple of things working against her in our home environment (bad lifestyle influences and lifelong habits that keep her from switching things up easily). For this reason, she's responded the best to weight loss by going to camps and immersing herself in a program away from home.


She's about 50 lbs. overweight, and has never worked out a day in her life, so she wouldn't be at home in one of the intense paleo fitness camps that seem to be all over the web. We've tried to search for something that would fit the balance of diet, light exercise, and mindful living that we're going for, but haven't had much success. Paleohealthretreat.com is the closest we've gotten, and we've reached out but we're not sure if they're even up and running.


Does anyone have any recommendations on beginner paleo lifestyle camps, with an emphasize on understanding and mindfulness? Added bonus if it's in the Chicago-land area.



Thanks in advance for your help!


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