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Hubby and I started today.


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Hi there!


A few friends of mine are strong advocates for Whole30. After pouring over the website, purchasing the 30 day email program and the book this weekend, we officially started today. I can relate to pretty much everything the book says about sugar addictions and highs, binges, etc. I'm in this to rid myself of my addictions and live the healthiest life I can. I workout regularly but as my friend told me, I can't out workout a bad diet! 


I'm training for the Dopey Challenge at Disney in January, so I'm concerned about fueling myself because I'm used to gels and recovery drinks. I am going to check out the whole30 for athletes section in a min and see if there's any helpful info there on how I can stay fueled without gu. :)


Looking forward to this forum and being part of the community! Already made the avocado dressing today - OMG. Sooo yummy!!!!!



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