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Started November 23rd - feeling better already :)


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Hello!  I'm Lindsay and I live in Guelph, Ontario.  I recently purchased the "It starts with food" book from the Hartwig's and have been enduring the Whole 30 program for a few weeks now.  It has been tough because I travel a lot with work (super hard to find places that serve whole30 approved food), but I'm learning tricks to get around this!  

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions on Canadian restaurants that serve good Whole30 food choices.


I'm also quite nervous about the holidays so I look forward to reading posts on this forum that address holiday meals!



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Hi Lindsay!


I am a former fellow ontarian (I live in Montreal these days).  I haven't been to guelph in a long time - so I won't be much help in the restaurant department.


My suggestions - If you are going out - worst case senario - always bring your own salad dressing as back up.  You can always get a steak dry rubbed with just salt and pepper, and grilled with nothing on it, or chicken as well.  It will never be as good as eating at home, but it can be done.  Steamed veggies instead of salad works in a pinch as well.

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