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1st WHOLE 30 DONE! 2nd one around the corner!


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Here are my before and after pics of my Whole 30 journey( w/ a little holiday spirit).  I started at 191 lbs and I was very surprised to see I ended at 176 lbs.  I also checked my body fat % when I started and I went from 21% to 17%.  Besides all of the "number" results, I felt really good every day and my energy levels have been very steady all day long.  I was able to sleep better at nights and each day I gained more and more confidence.  I will do the reintroduction stage for the next couple weeks but I am planning on completing my 2nd Whole 30 to start off 2014 in January!  I would recommend to anybody that this new way of living is awesome and makes you feel like a new person! 


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