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Hello all!


I had a urine test at the Drs the other day. He came back and said there were ketones in my urine and that is a sign of a starvation diet. 


I explained the whole30 approach to him, in regards to gluten, sugar and dairy. Again, he said it sounds like a starvation diet and that I needed to speak to a dietician. 


Anyone have the same issue with their doctor? How did you handle it?



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A small amount of ketones in your urine are not a sign of starvation, they are simply a sign that you are using fat for energy instead of carbs. This is good!


Two things that I would check, just to be completely confident that I wasn't undernourishing myself on the whole30 plan (the same two things I would report if questioned by a dietician or dr.):


1. Am I eating enough ON-plan foods? If you consume a full template meal (1-2 palms of protein, 1-2 thumbs of fat, 2-3 cups of vegetables) at all three meals, and also eat pre- and post-WO as necessary I can't imagine a possibility of starvation. If you experience hunger at any time using these guidelines, make sure you use the upper end of the template.


2. Am I eating enough starchy carbohydrates in the form of vegetables? If you include starchies as a good portion of your vegetable intake, you shouldn't need to worry about lacking in carbs or sugars or starch from a nutritional perspective.

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