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Menopause … will this help with easing bloating, night sweats, and hot flashes?


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I'm hoping that there are some women out there that are going through menopause like I am with hot flashes, night sweats,  I want to cry. all. the. time and quick weight gain that's not cause by increased eating.  I also, fall asleep right away, but tend to walk around 2am (try to shut your brain off then).  I feel sluggish in the morning and hit that preverbal wall in the afternoons.  What I'm looking for is, does this diet help with these symptoms?  Do you feel better? Do you get your energy back? Have you notice a lessing in the middle area of weight, or am I doomed to loosing my figure to this phase the rest of my life?!?!  YUCKIE!!!


Oh yeah, I'm feeling irritable most days, can you tell?  I'm in a high stress job (thou never bothered me before) working 1:1 with an autistic child (12yrs now with different children) in a public school setting.  I have no energy to stick to my workouts either anymore.  I shouldn't be feeling this way at 52!


3 years ago I had a hysterectomy leaving my ovaries, because of family history I can not take hormones for my paternal grandmother and mother both had breast cancer.  


​I consider myself a healthy eater, mostly vegetables, chicken/turkey, lots of fish/shellfish, occasionally some pork.  Never red meat just don't like it.  I switched to gluten free breads and pastas hoping they would help.  Now reading the Whole30, seems I'm all wrong!  


Thank you so much in advance for your help


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Prior to W30 starting in April '13, I would have to take a towel to bed to dry myself off at night and to wipe the sweat off the sheets. Real problem. Also, moodiness was a big issue. Insomnia has been a problem for about 7 years. I have been in menopause for almost 2 years(I am 55). Being W30 99.9% compliant since April, with probably 4-5 meals that were way off plan,  have really helped. Very little hot flashes and night sweats any more(but if I off road-they seem to rear their ugly heads). Mood is much more stable.

The insomnia is better but still problematic-I take meds-some OTC, some prescription a couple times a week.

The bloating, hmmm. Funny, but I have a bit of bloating with this plan but seems to be under control with probiotics and Natural Calm at night.

I will continue this way of eating for the mood stabilization alone. And I am not hungry!


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52yo going through menopause here!  I had similar operation 10 years ago.  I forget which day during my W30 that the hot flashes/night sweats went away.  Within the first two weeks I think.  No moodiness.  Lots of water retention released in the first week.  Sleep is MUCH better though not optimal.  I go to bed around 8:30 and sleep until around 3:30.  I quit trying to beat the 3:00 a.m. witching hour and roll with it.  No afternoon slump.  Energy levels are good.  I am on Day 29.



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I've had issues with hot flashes for years. They seem to have subsided for the most part after two W30s. But they will come back now and then. I was able to lose 13 lbs combined in the two W30, and it does seem that  a lot was in the middle. I was able to go down 2 sizes in jeans. I did have a lot to lose around the middle.


However, doing a hormonal reset takes time. It will not happen over night and it may not happen in 30 days. But if you commit to this  program for 30 days and then stick to it 90% after that, you will feel a lot better. Like others, the main benefits for me is mood stabilization and getting off the sugar high/low roller coaster.

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My hot flashes went from up to 20 a day to zero within 3 weeks of starting the Whole30.  I am not 100% sure anymore if it was the sugar or the grain elimination because both tend to go hand and hand with me.  


Hot flashes were a new thing for me.  Started in spring 2013 and immediately became almost an hourly occurrence.  No sheet drenching at night, though, but a hot wave coming over me.


I am off to get a full thyroid panel ASAP after reading an article by Christine Northrup.  I have it posted in my log a few days back in Post Whole30 section.  I think that is one of my issues.  Whether it is the primary cause or caused by stress and underlying depression I do not know.  I HAVE a 12 year old Autistic child so I know what you deal with and I thank you.  

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I have had peri-menopausal hot flashes and night sweats for quite some time. Whole 30 eating definitely makes a difference for me. Even when I am not on a Whole 30, I'II stick fairly close to the plan. Too much off-roading, and I turn into a hot sweaty mess. Ick.


I hope you get some relief!

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Thank you all so much for your input on this!  I am going to get a blood work up too for my thyroid and Adrenals.  Pam, I think I have a slight depression going too from all this.  I am taking Black Cohash, St. Johns Wart and Vitamin D3 it seems to help with the flashes and blues.  Living on Cape Cod we haven't seen the sun in weeks, we have a sun rise now so hope it will last the day.

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Thank you all so much for your input on this!  I am going to get a blood work up too for my thyroid and Adrenals.  Pam, I think I have a slight depression going too from all this.  I am taking Black Cohash, St. Johns Wart and Vitamin D3 it seems to help with the flashes and blues.  Living on Cape Cod we haven't seen the sun in weeks, we have a sun rise now so hope it will last the day.

It is truly hard to know what is the primary source of the problem.  Adrenals and thyroid take time to "heal" but I'm hesitant to take a pharmaceutical drug to treat.  I'm not too sure what I'm going to do!  What I would recommend is looking into what tests are truly helpful for diagnosing/ruling out adrenal fatigue or hypothyroid before going to the MD.  Often a primary doc will not really know and run only a TSH (not enough!!!!!!).


I am actually thinking dairy is part of my problem.  I've added dairy back significantly to my diet and I think I'm experiencing mild hot flashes at night.  Hard to tell, since we have a heavy down comforter on the bed now, too.


I don't know if this works for you, but just the feeling that I'm taking control helps me.  Mind over matter to some degree. A little sunshine works, too!  I live in the midwest… below zero today with the wind chill but that kind of cold usually means the sun will come out.  Hope so!


Please keep us posted on what you find if you go the doctor.  Both curiosity and guidance are my motivators!

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I did start taking Zoloft 2 years ago, and it has made a huge difference. It just makes it that much easier for me to cope with things.

Oh, and that reminds me… Omega 3 fatty acids!  I weaned myself off of antidepressants after 17 years of so-so success with high doses of EPA/DHA and feel better off of meds than I ever felt on.  Some of it has to do with life circumstances changing but also I believe 100% that the fatty acids are mood protectors!  I used 1-2g daily for 6 months while weaning off of Effexor.  NASTY drug to end

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I have premature ovarian failure, which is like menopause but starts with decline in a different hormone. Nonetheless, it is treated just like menopause. Whole 30 on its own did very little to alleviate my symptoms and I lost no weight whatsoever. About 3 months ago, I started bio identical hormone replacement and, after getting the dosage correct, the hot flashes stopped, I was able to sleep through the night and I have started to lose a little weight. I started to whole 30 again today and I'm hoping yo see great changes this time around since my hormones are now balanced. Btw, I also did the standard pharmaceutical hormones and they did not help me much and had nasty side effects. Good luck!

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Hi All 

I've just started my first whole30 yesterday so I can't say yet if this will help,  I do know that taking Remifemina, a German made herbal supplement (black cohosh) took my hot flushes from 4+ an HOUR to zero in 3 weeks, and this is just something bought at the supermarket.  But beware of black cohosh, make sure its the real deal as especially in Chinese herbal supplements other herbs can be substituted which can harm the liver,  I had an operation just before Christmas and my hot flushes have returned, about 3 or 4 a day and the same at night so I am also hoping to see improvements. Good luck!

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I am with the rest of you, peri-menopausal, 46 years old, hot flashes.  It would not be so bad if I was not so fat.  I am 5'2 and 175...fat!  I tell myself that I started W30 to get healthy, but really I did it to lose weight.  I recently moved 2000 miles to a much warmer climate and feel like exercising now, I work full time and attend grad school.  I ride my bike to work and back, 12 miles total three days a week and go to crossfit 4 days a week...I am still fat. I am hoping, hoping, hoping this will work..

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