I got glutened :(


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I'm not even sure that's a word but I just realise I've had gluten by mistake and I think it's been causing my rather upset tummy and bowels over the past several months.  This is my second Whole 30 (well planned a 25 day one), my first one was September 2012 and I've been gluten free/intolerant since then and I'm on day 15 of this Whole25.

Today I took some pain killers and within about 30 minutes I felt like I wanted to throw up and just felt awful and terrible.  Knowing that I'd only had my own home cooked/prepared food I looked at the pain killers box and it has gluten in it :( :(  I'm so devastated about it and i think that's what's been causing all my problems over the last few months!!  I'd never even thought to check that!  I suffer quite bad headaches and have probably taken these tablets most weeks, and possibly several times in a week.


My question is - should I stop my Whole25 and start again after the new year?  I know that gluten can hang around in your body for up to 2 weeks or so and I probably wont go that off the plan anyway, I was going to re-introduce corn, rice and cheese again (I know milk causes me problems) but I'm thinking it might be better now to wait till the new year.


I really think that these painkillers are the cause of the problem cos I was starting to think I had a problem with codeine but looks like it's probably not that, but just those tablets.


What do people think?


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I know that codeine can cause nausea. I'm not sure the tiny amount of gluten in medication would cause that kind of stomach upset. I know that  many pain killers can damage the gut and cause leaky gut, especially if they are taken on an empty stomach. Ibuprofen is one. I used to take it a lot and I think it contributed to many of my digestive problems. I had to wean myself off of them, I was taking so much so often that I was getting rebound headaches from the medication.


If you are still having issues with headaches you may want to talk to your doctor about some medication that you can tolerate better and that hopefully doesn't have gluten in it.

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Thanks for the replies.  I am seeing a neuro-opthalmologist for the headaches and I don't take pain killers as often as I used to which is good!


Looks like I do need to re-start though which is frustrating but it will give better results.  I wont stray too far anyway

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lol I call it "glutened" too :)


I can't have gluten either and I've been quite sick before from vitamins with gluten in them (not always specific on the label) and actually a couple of ones with weird soy coatings (those ones smell funny).


Don't get disheartened, at least you know now and can find medications that won't make you sick.

I took all of mine down to see my pharmacist who advised me several contained gluten or grains or other things they thought I should avoid (I also get sick from corn, soy, dairy, oats, some pseudograins, some seed-ish things and a few obscure herbal ingredients). I would never have figured out which ones to eliminate on my own, as not all the info was on the bottle. He was able to look up some kind of registry, where they specify the coatings and things. Only one he couldn't find out and I just swapped those out for a known-safe one instead.


Listen to your body, see how you feel. Give yourself enough recovery time, especially if you have headaches to deal with already.


In case it's useful to you, I've found my tolerance for dairy drops when I've been glutened, milk is always bad, but even butter and ghee can make me sick if I've been glutened. I get a reduced-version of this also with corn, but it's about 20% compared to the impact from gluten (100%). I avoid corn the same as gluten, but I'm sure I'm exposed to it more when eating out, as lots of "gluten free" items seem to contain corn. Upping my dose of Omega 3 seems to help me recover from gluten a bit better (I feel better). I don't throw up, but I can put on as much as 10 kilos of inflammation, which makes me feel like crap (even my skin hurts!).

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