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Kit's Bars by Cliff

Jenn B

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Cliff Bar seems to have followed suit with the Larabar. They have a new line of product out call Kit's.  Of the three I have purchased, all the ingredients seem kosher to the the template.


This one I ate:

Ingredients: Organic Dates, Organic Almonds, Organic Barberries, Organic Bilberries, Sea Salt - 


These two I have purchased:

Ingredients: Organic dates, organic almonds, organic unsweetened chocolate, organic coconut, organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt. -

Organic dates, organic cashews, organic almonds, sea salt. - 




I am not posting this to advocate a snack food. I have found, after comparison, that natural dates and cashew nut butter are far tastier than Larabars.


I tend to buy all sorts of "approved" products I see on the forum out of a curiosity. Bars I have amassed (and not actually eaten) are odd varieties; I have fascination with buying things and not necessarily eating them. I happened upon "Rawma bar" guessing more paleo. They were gross tasting.  I occasionally rely on bars in addition to a hb egg for my weekend winter job (ski instructor, started this past week, handy to have something in my pocket).  The one Kit bar I ate first time out on slopes for the season was as part of meal 2, quite tasty and admittedly, an indulgence.


Interestingly, sticking to the template my first day back on the slopes, I actually only ate 3 meals that day with no snacking, a suprise. It was a nice treat to eat that bar as part of my meal and feel satiated (despite the work out sans snacking)  all day.

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A gentle reminder that bars are to be used only in emergency situations when on a Whole30.


Follow the meal template of protein fat and veg for your meal. If you're not satiated, instead of a bar, have another 1/2-full palm of protein or cup of veggies, or a whole fruit or closed handful of nuts.

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