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This is my second whole30, see first one here,

==============Pause for Holiday..................===============

D12m1: 2 eggs, sushi salad, broccoli and cauliflower

D12m2: Moroccan Grilled Salmon, zucchini, kale

*D12m3: Lemongrass and Coconut Chicken Drumsticks, 2/3 cup coconut milk


D11m1: 2eggs, kale, broccoli, coconut oil 1T, Rogan Josh Beef,

D11m2: spicy tuna salad, 1 T olive oil.


D10m1: 2 eggs, kale and asparagus cooked in coconut oil and coconut milk

D10m2: sole, scallop, mixed green

D10m3: 1/2 red bell pepper and mayo.

D10E: gym class and HIIT


D9M1:  Ground Lamb Curry , kale, zucchini, 1T olive oil

D9M2: 2 eggs, Blue Ribbon captain drum stick, mixed green in 1/4 cup olive oil.

D9M3: 1/2 red pepper in mayo, 1 Cevapcici with 1 Tablespoon coconut oil.

D9E: gym class and HIIT


*D8M1: 2 eggs, 6Oz buttom steak, zucchini, kale, 1Tablespoon coconut oil,

D8M2: 6 lobster tail (small), mushroom, a couple of pieces Pork Carnitas, (asparagus, and kale cooked in coconut oil and coconut milk), coconut flake. 1 meatball.


D7M1: 2 eggs, Pork Carnitas, zucchini, yellow squash, 1T coconut oil

D7M2: Salmon, broccoli, kale, 1T coconut oil, coconut milk

D7E: gym class and HIIT


D6M1: 2 eggs, Pork Carnitas, broccoli, yellow squash,

D6M2: Pork Carnitas, broccoli, yellow squash, green beans

D6M3: Cevapcici, beet green

D6F: Cantaloupe


D5M2: Bora Bora Fireballs, broccoli, green bean
D5M3: Cevapcici

D5F: Cantaloupe

D4M1: 2 eggs, 2 sausage, coconut oil (1T), green bean, kale
D4M2: Ground Lamb Curry  green bean, kale
D4M3:  Ground Lamb Curry ,  Tuna Salad

D3m1: 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 1T coconut oil, kale, green beans

D3m2: Skirt Steak, 1T olive oil, asparagus

D3m3: Skirt Steak, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper/green pepper in mayo.

D3F: none.

D3E: gym circuit training and 10 minutes of HIIT run.


D2m1: 2 eggs, 2 meatballs, 1T coconut oil, chard

D2m2: salmon, chicken, 1T coconut oil, chard, red pepper, mayo

D2m3: Meatza , zucchini, broccoli, 2T olive oil


D1m1: 2 eggs, 2 meatballs, 1T coconut oil, cauliflower

D1m2: 4 meat muffins, 1T beef lard, chard

D1m3: salmon, bok choy, asparagus, red pepper with mayo, one sausage.

* in front of the meal means it makes me have bad craving/sleepy after the meal.

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So I am back to the game again!  See my first whole30 log here, and the final report here, I did get some great results from my first whole30 especially my general mood,  and my relationship with scale and food is much healthier now. But I feel I still want to do more experiment with different kind of foods and see how my body feels about them, such as nuts or fats in general, and I was having trouble to tell if I am full or not and ended up eating too much. So want to do a second 30 days of experience, besides all the whole30 rules, I need to follow these things with no excuse!!!


1. No Nuts absolutely.

2. Eat at least 2 servings of non-starchy vegetables.

3. No snacking.

4. 0 to 1 serving of fruits, limited to berries, NO dried fruits

5. Eat more fish.




Useful Links:


resource index:http://www.whole9lif...startswithfood/

Meal template:

Shopping list:

Can I have:


WellFed recipe index:http://www.theclothe.../recipes-index/

Nom Nom Paleo recipe index:

Tom Denham's recipe index:

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In round 1, I focused more on meat, meat and meat. I will try more fish, sauce recipes, continue my cooking journey:


Recipes I tried:

#41. Homemade Olive Oil Mayo: finally made this recipe, I can't believe I went through my round 1 without this at all, and it was a success on my first try, took me about 6 minutes to pour the oil in, I will put less salt and mustard in, maybe 1/4 teaspoon instead of 1/2 teaspoon.

#42. Grilled Salmon: put salt on both sides, add some coconut oil on the grill to melt, then cover grill salmon for 3 minutes, put some garlic, ginger powder, grill for another 3 minutes, done and delicious.

#43. Meatza Pie: it's not a successful recipe for me, especially the format, I didn't divide the doll into 2, so the meat pie is too thick, and too small...tastes good though

#44. Skirt Steak with Dinosaur Kale : I put too much salt marinate, less salt next time, it didn't turn out so tender, I ended up throwing into pressure cooker after grill, put in some chicken soup to cover, cook for 20 minutes, then the meat got pretty tender.

#45. Ground Lamb Curry with Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Okra I used pressure cooker instead, put everything in the pot except vegetables, I added 2 cups of water, 20 minutes then take the soup out, I think the water is too much,  put the vegetables (Brussels sprouts and okra) in for another 5 minutes, yummy yummy, love the okra in it.

#46. Tuna Salad (with apple and home made mayo): I used half apple and added one yellow pepper, skipped mustard, it turns out great, hubby loved it! I added some extra olive oil during serving for myself.

#47. (Pressure Cooker) Pork Carnitas used Tom's pressure cooker way, it's clean and yummy, the taste is not as rich as Melissa's stovetop one, but for the cleaness and short time, it's totally worthy the try! I warmed up some leftovers in oven 400 for 15 minutes, it's pretty good too.

#48. Coho Salmon with Broccoli and Sugar Snap Peas in Coconut Milk: another yummy recipe from Tom, I replaced peas with kale (got it from farmer's market, nothing beats winter kale!), microwaved broccoli on high for 3 min, then add kale for another 1 min, used 1/4 onion, 2 tablespoon curry powder, used sea salt marinate the salmon for 15 minutes before put it in, magnificent meal!

#49. Spicy tuna roll without rice: I actually made a salad out of these, mix tuna, yellow pepper, cucumber, avocado, mayo, red chili curry paste, 1 T olive oil, really nice.

#50. Lemongrass and Coconut Chicken Drumsticks: this is superb! used pressure cooker's slow cooker menu option for 4 hours. so yummy even son ate whole one drumstick, next time I should use the leftover soup to make tea eggs!

#51. Moroccan Grilled Salmon: ok recipe, covered grilled for 5 minutes total, grilled some kale and zucchini together.

#52. Rogan Josh Beef: used roganjosh spice from Ajika, not too bad. tasty beef was from uswellness


Recipes I want to try:

Herbed Beef Stew 

Ancho Chili Mayonnaise

Paleo Sriracha: skip honey
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Anybody can tell if I slip on sugar or grain! because I show them on my face! During the couple of days before I start round 2, I had some bad stuff and I got a big pimple right above my left eyebrow, it still has not subsided at Day 8. And then I got another pimple on the right side of my nose the day after I ate some cantaloupe on Day6. Hopefully they will be gone by the end of round 2.

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I was rereading the book it starts with food, I think I made a mistake on my round1, I was thinking meat = fat, meat probably should count more towards protein....trying to correct that this round, several things I will do:


1. eat less meat but add more fat, in these forms:

a. coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flake

b. olive oil

c. cooking animal fat: lard, tallow, duck fat

d. avocado

e. olives


2. one meal of red meat + one meal of seafood/poultry/eggs


3. eat higher quality of meat, I have been eating grass fed beef, but might need to improve the quality on lamb and pork

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Tips for Cooking Grass Fed Beef from Brandon


1.  Invest in a Digital or standard meat thermometer. This is an invaluable tool for cooking grass fed meat to the proper temperature. (They are great for cooking all meats.)


2.  Bring meat to room temperature before cooking. Remove steaks from the refrigerator 1 hour before cooking. You want your meat at room temperature. Tenderloin and Rib Roasts should be removed 1.5-2 hours in advance.


3.  Remove excess surface moisture before cooking. There will be moisture around your beef. Pat meat dry with kitchen toweling as damp meat will not brown properly.


4.  Salt meat just before it hits the heat. Salting too early will draw out moisture to the surface, leaving the beef dry and tough.


5.  Always sear meat to seal in goodness and maintain tenderness. Use a little extra virgin olive oil to prevent sticking and create a nicely browned crust.


6.  Use tongs or a spatula to turn meat instead of a fork to avoid piercing the seared crust and allowing precious juices to escape.


7.  While cooking Grass fed beef, take care to not overcook. It is leaner and requires 30% less cooking time than corn fed beef. Carefully monitor your grass fed beef to avoid overcooking.


8.  Test for doneness. While restaurant chefs use the touch method to determine meat doneness, the sure-fire way to success is with a meat thermometer. Whether a digital or dial version, insert the point into the center of the meat away from bone and use these ranges to determine your desired doneness: 120- 130°F rare, 130-135°F medium- rare, 140-145°F medium, 150-155°F medium-well. I highly recommend cooking your grass fed steaks to no higher that 145°F as they are best enjoyed rare to medium-rare. Keep in mind that the internal cooking temperatures continue to rise 5 to 10 degrees due to residual cooking as the meat rests. Taking this into consideration when you test the temperature will  insure a perfect end result!


9.  Let meat rest after cooking. Either turn off oven and leave door open or transfer the meat to a plate or cutting board, tent loosely with aluminum foil. Let rest for 5 to 15 minutes before slicing, depending on the thickness. This allows the meat to relax and natural juices to redistribute uniformly.

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Love what  Peter Attia said in his blog:


A lot of folks who watch me eat say things like, “Gee, Peter, you're really disciplined when it comes to what you eat.†I actually disagree with this assertion.  I'm no more disciplined than a non-smoker is for not smoking.  Let me explain what I mean. I don't smoke, and no matter how many smokers or cigarettes I'm surrounded by, I never feel like I'm exerting some great force of self-discipline to avoid lighting up.  Why? I guess it's because I understand what a cigarette does to my body, both in the short term (e.g., less cardiovascular performance) and the long term (e.g., increased risk of heart disease and cancer).

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