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Dairy Reintro-Uh Oh


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I am a bit surprised by the results(?) of my dairy reintro yesterday.  Never in a million years would I have thought that dairy would affect me.  I made a pointed effort to be positive and to not over think things--just eat the stuff and move on.  I have no known emotional attachment to dairy (except perhaps butter), no cravings, but probably consumed some every day, if not purposely then as an ingredient in the heavily processed food I was eating.  Thought the reintro would be a non-eventful.


At breakfast I had one slice of Muenster cheese, which added a delightful smoky taste to my eggs.  I felt a bit nauseated about a half hour later--okay, I can understand that as my stomach was probably a little surprised.  Not long after that I developed a stabbing headache.  Sigh.


At lunch I had 1/2 cup of full-fat plain Greek yogurt (chosen because of no ingredients other than milk and cultures...still avoiding sugar).  That was interesting--like eating sour cream.  I dumped it in my soup.


About an hour later my stomach was sore--not crampy, no gas, no bloat, no quick dashes to the bathroom...it just felt like the aftermath of being punched (not that I've ever been punched in the stomach...).


I had about 1T of butter--it just made my food taste funny.  I have always loved butter, and plenty of it.  This was disappointing. 


I woke up this morning feeling constipated and, believe it or not, weepy.  What the ??  I am sitting here crying?  Over what?  It is almost laughable.  Nothing comes to mind...I am not grieving for dairy, nor do I feel THAT bad.  It feels hormonal..similar to PMS symptoms I had many years ago.  I am in menopause but have not experienced this before.


I am also congested this morning. 


No real point to all of this, other than to share.  I had hoped writing it out would make me feel better but i still feel sad :(







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I think writing it down is a great idea! It'll remind you how you felt if you ever question whether or not you should include dairy in your diet. I also experience head aches with dairy - not terrible, but enough to notice! It also feels heavy in my stomach...I rarely have it anymore!

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Thank you for the input!  Yesterday I started feeling better as the day moved along and am almost back to "Day 30 Normal."  I might try another dairy reintro after I finish the others but don't feel any particular need to do so any time soon.  Non-gluten grains tomorrow.


Thanks again! This space has provided the support I've needed!



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