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Constant Gut Rot, Day 12


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So, since starting the Whole30, I have been having a lot of what my husband lovingly calls "soupy poopy".


Prior to officially starting, I had cut out all grains, soy, and dairy for 2 weeks.  I am gluten intolerant, so I had cut out a lot of items already for several years.  I was still hanging on to my little bit of stevia until I became fully dedicated on Day 1.


I am struggling to find out what the problem is.  And, I am MORE tired than I was before and have a MORE difficult time sleeping, and it is harder for me to sustain my long workouts (I do 1 hour of cardio every day, and do the Bar Method 4-5 days a week on top of that).


Maybe I just need to get through days 12-20??


I have made the meal adjustments for those with a very active lifestyle, but I find that even with this diet, I am just not as hungry as I used to be.  So, I may only eat half of what is on my plate.  


Sample Diet:


Sweet potato with sausage and a bit of coconut cream concentrate

Creamed cauliflower with coconut curry chicken

Grilled steak with mushrooms, large side salad

Apple with almond butter





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Do you eat a pre and post workout meal? Hard boiled before and chicken breast or tuna after? It doesn't seem like you are getting enough veg--try to get 2-3 cups at each meal--I often saute mushrooms and spinach with some green onion and mix that in with scrambled eggs for example for meal one. I would recommend a mini meal instead of an apple and almond butter for a snack. Protein/veg/fat would be a better option--some chicken breast or tuna with cucumbers and olives as an example, unless that apple/almond butter is actually a part of a meal. 


Depending on what your previous diet was, you can have bathroom issues. I know when I change up my diet, add in more veg then normal or what ever, I can have similar issues. 


Could it also be that you are working out too hard? That is a lot of working out--chronic cardio--maybe scale it back a bit and see if that helps? Also eating a lot of fat--especially if you are not used to it, can also cause bathroom issues. 


I am sure others will have ideas for you as well!

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I agree with SpinsSpin that if you are eating a higher amount of fat than what you were accustomed to that could lead to some bathroom issues. You might want to add in probiotics (no added sugar kombucha and fermented sauerkrauts, pickles, kimchi) and digestive enzymes(check ingredient for any nasties). Tom, a moderator, has said most people can come off the enzymes after their body adjusts to the diet. The amount of time would vary for an individual. I found I could come off enzymes after three weeks or so.

You might have eat more starchy veg for that amount of exercise. Why so much? An hour of cardio a

everyday can be quite a stress on the body if it is intense cardio. Walking or low heart rate running might not be so bad.

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