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Whole 30 Log of an Outdoor Girl


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I am not starting for another week and a half, so I'm not logging my food here yet, just writing my thoughts about starting, shopping for food, etc. Should be getting the book some time this week from the library and I'm excited to read it before getting started.

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Thanks! I'm up in the mountains, but I may still take you up on that offer!

I am starting on Thursday and I am slowly going through the last of my primal friendly but not Whole 30 approved food stuffs - mainly dairy, finished off my whole cream a couple days ago and gonna finish up my kefir over the next couple days. I still have some cheese, but it's hard cheese and it should keep until the end of the month.

The Olympics should definitely be motivational - especially gymnastics. I look at those girls and think - I used to do things like that - not at that level of course, but I did gymnastics for 3 years as a kid, along with dance, and I miss having that grace and flexibility and balance and strength all in one package. I hope that this on going lifestyle change will help me get at least some of that back. (Though I have no expectation of being able to do all of what I did at 9 and 10 at 27 and 28 . . . still, who knows!)

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My Whole 30 starts tomorrow with a planned meal of berries and a boiled egg for lunch and salmon for dinner. I get paid tomorrow and after I take care bills I'll have a better idea of where I stand and can go buy some more groceries - esp. some more fruits and esp. veggies, since I need to re-stock those every week or so. I am mostly good on meats, though I will probably pick up some more frozen tilapia and salmon, I have shrimp, scallops, chicken breasts and thights, bison steaks and grass-fed ground beef in the freezer already.

I'll do my official first weigh-in tomorrow morning before starting and will take my measurements - then measure again midway and then weigh-in and measure at the end. Hoping to reach a weight loss goal by Sept. 1.

Unfortunately my book did not come in on time, so I put in a different request for it from a broader pool of resources, so I'm hopeful that I will still get it sooner rather than later. It'll be rather pointless if it comes in AFTER my Whole 30 is already over, so if nothing else, maybe I'll just buy a copy with my next paycheck mid-month.

Any big things to watch out for the first couple days?

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Starting weight - 215 (another two pounds down in this past week - hoping to maintain or even improve those numbers during the course of this month - I wore pants today I hadn't worn in nearly a year, and the last time I wore them I had to wear them with a long tunic top because they were giving me a camel toe - today they were totally comfortable)

Bust - 48"

Waist - 42" (I cannot wait to get down into the 30s - and I'm so close)

Hips - 54"

Started this morning with a 2 mile walk with the dog. Did IF for breakfast because I just wasn't hungry. Had berries (strawberries, blackberries and blueberries - all organic), pine nuts, almonds and a hard boiled egg for lunch. Now I have lemon garlic salmon baking in the oven for dinner.

Need to decide what I want for lunch and dinner tomorrow. I'm thinking baked chicken thigh for one meal - maybe a shrimp and spinach salad for the other?

I will go shopping on Saturday down the canyon a bit since I also need to swing by the PetCo down there to get some more food for the pooch and there is a Natural Grocers there too. Not my favorite Sunflower Market, but it will work for the few things on my list I can't get a City Market.

The hardest thing about this is planning portions for one with enough leftovers for an additional easy meal or two - but not so much that food goes to waste. I have been cooking for myself for nearly 10 years now - so I've got a decent handle on single meals. BUT I don't have my usual crutch foods like pasta to go to and I am only recently learning about how much produce to buy to keep in fresh fruits and veg without having things spoil before I get to them. (I've been a naughty girl avoiding my fruits and veggies for exactly this reason since I first started living on my own after college).

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IF isn't consistent with the Whole 30, part of what we are doing here is working on getting hormones straight so we are hungry for breakfast--if you skip it, you will perpetuate that cycle and mess yourself up.

Please have a real meal three times per day and that means more than one hard-boiled egg for lunch! You already mentioned that you realize you need more veggies. You do! at every single meal! You will be surprised at how many vegetables a single person can eat on the Whole 30. I almost never have any go bad anymore.

And...sorry if the above sounds too critical (I'm sure you are going to rock this!!), it will just be easier/more effective with more balanced and consistent meals.

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I love sunflower too!! They are saving my budget compared to whole foods!!!

I totally agree! Their prices are very reasonable - I miss not having one just a mile away.

Today I had shrimp scampi (with coconut oil instead of butter), carrots and a big helping of berries for lunch. For dinner I'm making baked chicken and haven't decided on a veg . . .

Got some of my shopping done today. Got more fish, tomatoes, green onions, eggs, bacon, more berries (since I ate my last of the previous purchase with lunch today), and spaghetti squash - I've never made spaghetti squash before - so any tips would be appreciated - esp. for recipes that will keep in the fridge for a few days. I bought a small one since it is just me, but I still couldn't imagine eating more than 1/3 of the squash at any one meal.

As for breakfast and IF or whatever - I am trying to listen to my body's hunger signals - when I'm hungry for breakfast (which I am now and again) I eat. If you've ever had problems with cravings, binge eating or just generally eating at times when you aren't actually hungry, but just bored/stressed/anxious, then you will understand how forcing yourself to eat when you AREN'T hungry doesn't actually help break that cycle. It may work for people with more normal, less unhealthy eating habits - but it won't work for me. I am still learning to eat mindfully and only when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied and for me that doesn't necessarily mean eating at 3 set meals. If that's a problem for anyone - sorry - but that's how it's going to be for MY Whole 30.

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Day 3 -

Had berries and carrots for breakfast

Gala apple and two baked chicken legs for lunch (marinated in coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, herbs and garlic)

Planning on coconut curry soup with shrimp for dinner . . . yummy . . . I'm so glad I finally figured out how to make this for myself!

Went to the health food store down the canyon this morning and requested that they order Pure Wraps and Paleo Bread and promised I'd buy some if they did. (The shipping on them online is so high as to limit my ability to buy them, but if I could go down and get them at the store while running other errands they'd be worth the cost of gas).

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Ugh. Got such a bad tooth ache after dinner last night. Has anyone else ever had that problem during the first few days of their whole 30?

It was still bugging me this morning, so all I could manage was raspberries for breakfast, since that are mushy and easy to chew.

It's feeling better now, but I did cave and take one Advil. I try to avoid taking medicines I don't need, since I believe, as I imagine many of you do, that my body is capable of healing itself MOST of the time if given proper nutrition. But if I can't eat, I can't get those nutrients - and it was making it so I couldn't eat.

For lunch I had a fritata with two eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, spring onions, herbs and Himalayan sea salt.

For dinner I'm planning on a hefty helping of grass fed ground beef to make taco salad . . . I season my taco meat with lime juice, chili powder, cumin and a dash of cinnamon (my secret ingredient - plus it's good for your insulin response). I'll serve it up on a bed of iceberg lettuce and baby spinach (chopped) with a diced tomato and diced green onion. This has been one of my favorite dishes since going primal a few months ago. Normally I've have it with a little cheese too, but not during my Whole 30 of course.

Hope everyone is doing well this weekend! Especially for those others who are doing the first weekend of their first Whole 30.

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Fell of my Whole 30 wagon pretty hard the other day and had deep dish pizza . . . and it wasn't like I didn't have time to cook something better - because I actually make the pizza from scratch - including the dough. And immediately afterwards I had a hard time falling asleep (up until 2am because I could just NOT fall asleep) and have had less energy since. Someday I really will learn that grains are just NOT worth it.

But I'm back on today, though that means I start over at day 1, after 5 good days. Get paid again this Thursday and will go buy more groceries, try to have more options to eat and maybe that will help this time around. Planning on berries, apples and chicken for my meals today. Probably some fish tomorrow - Mahi-mahi I think.

In other news, I saw a friend of mine pin a info graphic on Pinterest that compared beans to beef (CAFO, beef, mind you, not pastured) and scored them based on things like how beef has cholesterol and beans have complex carbs (good - according to the info graphic) . . . and I just couldn't bear it so I poked holes in every single one of the things that was supposedly "evil" about beef and then poked holes in several of the "good" things about beans. Of course, the generator of the original post was a vegan. It's your life, and if you want to eat vegetarian or vegan because you have moral issues about eating animals - then fine - but don't use junk science to say your diet is HEALTHIER than being a humane omnivore. *face palm*

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Lunch today - berry smoothie with raspberries, strawberries, coconut milk, flax seed and coconut oil

Dinner - I'm thinking lemon-lime mahi mahi

Gonna get out my bison steaks to defrost tonight because I got an excellent idea for steak and mushrooms from an old issue of Clean Eating (I'll have to change some of the ingredients to make it Whole 30 approved, but I think it will work out just as well).

I have a luncheon tomorrow and Thursday for work though, and I have no idea what they are serving so it's hard to plan what I'll eat. And I don't want to just pick at my food and have them get offended either. So hopefully they are serving some healthy options - this area is pretty health-conscious, so there's good odds.

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Ya'll will be proud - I had breakfast yesterday and the day before. I sorta had breakfast today - but mostly I've just been grazing this morning.

I am postponing re-starting my Whole 30 until after I read the book though. While the website gives all the necessary details, I think having the book to read during the first couple of weeks will be very helpful. I'm also on hold for Well Fed, which is full of Whole 30 compliant recipes.

I'm back on the wagon with primal and gluten free - more sure than ever that I'm gluten intolerant - though, and will maintain that until my book comes in and I can make another attempt at a Whole 30 at that time.

In the meantime, I've been listening to some paleo podcasts that I'd apparently missed out on these past few months as I've been making the transition to this lifestyle. Listening to one or two a day while working out or cooking really helps to keep me motivated.

Today I made bone broth, one chicken and one beef, so the next time around I'll have those frozen and ready to heat up for a quick lunch along with some veggies and berries. Making some jerky now using a warm oven as my dehydrator after brining the meat in water and full-spectrum sea salt. I also got rid of more of my gluten containing cream soups today by making a meal for a family at church who are not gluten sensitive.

Anyway, I will log back on once my book arrives and will then set a date for my reboot.

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I'm doing a Whole 30 in March, hopefully will make it the full 30 days - I've learned from my previous attempts and have made a much greater effort in meal planning and will be doing weekly shopping trips to make sure I have fresh ingredients to use.

Here is My Blog Log and Recipes

Here's what I have planned for Week 1, starting on Friday, some of these are recipes I've already shared, others are new ones I'm trying and will share as I make them.

  • Crustless Quiche
  • Chicken Soup
  • Salad with Baked Chicken Breast
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Baked Chicken Thighs
  • Shepherd's Pie

Here's my shopping list (I already have all the meat, poultry and fish for this week in my freezer, so I'm mostly just getting the fresh ingredients).

  • Mushrooms
  • Prosciutto (organic, nitrate and cargeenan free)
  • Leeks
  • Baby Spinach
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Clementines
  • Coconut Water
  • Eggs

Breakfasts will be boiled or scrambled eggs and a piece of whole fruit. Yes, it's boring, but it's fast and I'm not a morning person, so I just won't be up for cooking something fresh for every meal. With boiled eggs I can make a few in advance and easily grab go if need be. Lunches will be leftovers, primal pacs, plan-friendly lunch meat and/or bone broth.

My workout plan is to continue CrossFit WODs 3-4 times each week, walk to work as much as possible (about 2 miles round trip), and do yoga with my DVD at home 2-3 times per week.

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