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My Cholesterol: Before and after Whole30/9 lifestyle

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Hey everyone!


I'm not sure if this topic/questions should even be under the success story forum. Since well...I'm not really sure if it belongs here (Which I would really appreciatate that being cleared up if possible)


A little bit about me:


I'm a 32 year old male that weighs about 145 or so and is 5'6".  I go for 5 mile jogs about 5-6 times a week. 


High Cholesterol in genral runs in my family.


Back in Jan of this year is where I first started having problems


HDL: 45

LDL: 148

Triglycerides: 151


In May it got worse:


HDL: 40

LDL: 173

Triglycerides: 187


Doct put me on statin drug after that and in a couple months it changed a lot:


HDL: 46

LDL: 103

Triglycerides: 111


Well, I started having mustle weakness side effects of mustle weakness around then and stopped any medication completely.


Fast forward to the end of July, when I discovered the Whole30.


Since the end of July I have been doing the Whole30, and am very greatful I found out about it!


I haven't had my Cholesterol taken since I stopped taking medication (until last week) and I got my results yesterday and am pretty curious. (I stopped the medication since the begining of July by the way, so its been about 5 months or so)


HDL 57

LDL: 231 (???)

Triglycerides: 102


The "It starts with food book" it says you "generaly" are ok/have low risk of heart disease if your Triglyceride to HDL-C raito is 2 or less. Which well, it is about 1.8. Which is actually better then when I was on the medication. Also says LDL particle size matters, which I asked what that was, and they didn't know what I was talking about.  Also that C-reactive Protein is a factor which I inquired about today. But looks like I haven't been tested for that since 2010.


So I know there is no definite answer. So I'll ask in this sort of way:  Are these numbers "generaly" ok or am I in trouble? Is this a success story? Or is my LDL way too high that the 2 or less Triglyceride to HDL ratio doesn't even matter? (Generally speaking)


Any input/opinions are appreciated!


Thanks in advance,



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The doctor you've been working with seems less knowledgeable than I would want in a physician. I fired a doctor I had seen for 10 years a few years ago when I started learning about cholesterol and statins because I discovered he just repeated what the drug reps told him. I found a new doctor on my first try who was really helpful and willing to work with me.


I too have a family and personal history of high cholesterol. I learned with the second doctor that I have a genetic defect that makes me have high cholesterol. No doctor in history had ever tested me for it before. That kind of pissed me off, although the test may not be as old as my history of cholesterol tests.


I do take medication to lower my cholesterol. I no longer take statins. My new doctor put me on a fenofibrate. No muscle weakness problems as are common with statins.


Your LDL is worse than mine was when I was off all medication. I would find a doctor and get on meds for it. There are alternatives to statins. And there are things to take when you are on statins that helps many people with muscle problems - CoQ10 I think. 


Your triglycerides are high - much higher than mine after I started Whole30-style eating. Mine are down around 45-50 over the past few years. That is something you may need to work on.


Here are a collection of sites that I have found helpful as I have looked for good information about dealing with cholesterol:


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Wow, thank you very much for your reply. I really apprecitate it.  I had a feeling my LDL is just too high even though I have a less then 2 HDL/Triglyceride ratio.


I read all of those links you mentioned, and looks like there are quite a few more tests I can have to see what is going on. Hopefully my doctor will be willing to work with me on this. If not I'll try to find one that will (Easier said then done I'm afraid though) He already wants to put me back on a Statin.


I'm going to request a Vertical Auto Profile Blood test (VAP) to see how my Pattern A and B particles look like. As well as LP(a), Lipo proteins as CRP.  Also looks like Thyroid could have something to do with it so going to request tests for that too to see if I have any current risk of Heart Disease and its worth taking anything at this point in my life

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There are also lots of really good podcasts that go into great detail about numbers and particle sizes, as well as unusual cases that may not be identified correctly as they're not common.


I don't have cholesterol problems, but have found magnesium, additional protein, vitamin D3, CoQ10 to be very helpful in regaining muscle strength and mass (which had been eroding suddenly for me last year).


Vitamin D3 deficiency can also be related to thyroid problems - a (very) detailed article here: http://chriskresser.com/the-role-of-vitamin-d-deficiency-in-thyroid-disorders

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