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Day 1 dec 19th 2013 (yes I am doing this through christmas) lol


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Hey everyone! My name is Lexie and I am super excited to get started on my whole 30! I started crossfit just over a year ago and I've been eating Paleoish for the last 9 months. With the exception of AdvoCare products...WELL in the last few months I got a little more serious about researching paleo and why I was cutting out grains, sugar, dairy, legumes ect... SCARY!!! I had no idea the effect they were having on my body:( so in conclusion what I found was that all the AdvoCare products I had been taking definitely weren't paleo and definitely weren't good for me! Did I mention I have been an AdvoCare distributor for 4 1/2 years and had built a pretty large team in the mean time...but with my new found info I had to make a decision to step away from everything I had worked so hard for! (Including my paycheck) but after removing AdvoCare from my diet for the last month I know I have made the right decision! I feel amazing and I know that the whole 30 is going to take me to a higher level of amazing!!! So glad I found Mellissa and Dallas website and a tools to help others reach there goals as well!


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