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I know this program is life changing!


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I completed my first WHOLE30 on December 12th. But I was travelling and have just returned. So, I am reporting out now on my SUCCESS!



  • I have completed my first WHOLE30 and I am a convert for LIFE!  I FEEL healthier. I LOVE eating wholesome, humanely sourced proteins and organic vegetables and healthy fats!


What went well


  • Everything! I LOVE the food!
  • I was/am never hungry except when it's time to eat!
  • My workouts are stronger and more intense. My recoveries are quicker.
  • I keep pulling things out of my closet and finding the clothes are FITTING BETTER! Pants are looser, Shirts are not tight! YAY!


What could have gone better

  •  I need to improve my meal planning and preparation so I can spend more time with my family in the evenings.


Some History about me


Since I was an overweight teenager I have always worked out and ate somewhat responsibly. In my younger days, I played softball 4 times a week, played volleyball and snow skied competitively and ran 5 miles daily. I never had a problem maintaining a trim and healthy body. Then I turned 35 and 40 and 50….Whoa Nelly everything stopped, almost literally! As I got older, my extra-curricular sports activity dwindled which didn't help my physical condition. I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I lift and do about 30 mins of cardio. I admit my diet was not perfect by any means. I'm not a junk food or sugar junkie but I like my wine. While I have always exercised later in my years I have never looked like I worked out. Not the lean, trim body I've strived for since I was young! I participate in a Wellness program at work. For the past nine years I have been tracking my weight, body fat, cholesterol and glucose via this program. The numbers never budge to improve but consistently worsen a little every year. These numbers were the reason I took on the WHOLE30 to begin with. I have great news to report since my last screening:


Total Cholesterol decreased by 18 points.

Triglycerides decreased by 71 points.

HDL increased by 20 points.

LDL decreased by 24 points.


Weight decreased by 9 pounds

Body fat down between 2 and 3% (I'm starting to SEE lean muscle)!!


These numbers are a solid testimony to the science concepts behind the Whole30 program. I'm headed toward a WHOLE9 life.

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Thanks everyone for the kudos! The only thing I have re-introduced is wine. i still feel great and I don't miss anything food wise! My body is continuing to make improvements in composition. On a daily basis, I put on clothes that I couldn't wear before to find that they fit very comfortably!


I went back to visit family on the East Coast. I got a LOT of great feedback since they haven't seen me in a few months.

I took the opportunity to introduce my family to clarified butter, coconut oil and lots of great healthy cooking! I think 2 of my family are going to try the whole30 starting in January....


Thanks again for this great program!

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