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Hello all,

A former co-worker once told me I was a "all or nothing" person. Of course I became immediately defensive...truth is (as much as I hate to admit SHE was right...) I am a black or white I am making an effort to bring a little shade of gray to my brain. I am familiar with paleo lifestyle...all was going smashingly well UNTIL life (such as life is) threw me a woopsie doodle...and well I have been off to the races since September (and I don't mean the local 5k) ;)   I have attemped this Whole 30 and made a whopping 3 days...well today is day 3 take II. Wish me luck!!


Bottom line... nothing tastes as good as being able to breath well, sleep well, and THINK well!!


I am a 45 year old grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters and my short term goal is to systematically clean and de-clutter my home...and my body. :) Longer term start to train for a Spring marathon in January....(see how that goes). I am also in a nursing DNP program and work full time...and per-diem...oh and the owner of three fantastic dogs!!! yay!! I want to be feeling my best when my clinical rotation starts on January 8th!

Glad you are all there...I am going to need a lot of support!!!



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