Jan 1, 2014 - Clean slate


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I have had a successful Whole30 in the past, but have let myself become quite slack with my eating. I try and make healthy choices, but I easily succumb to sugar cravings. My body and mind are not responding well, and so after Christmas - where I aim to enjoy eating good food (which is probably not compliant!) with my family, I will get myself organised for a Jan 1 start of a Whole30.

Please feel free to jump on board for support, advice and encouragement. All welcome.

Cheers, and Happy Christmas!

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Best of luck Holly and have a cracker of a Christmas! 


I always go off the wagon at Christmas but I found that if I limit my excess to Christmas day and New Years (OK and Boxing day), but keep as strict as possible on the other days, I feel so much better for it.


In short, don't use it as an excuse to pig out for the entire 12 days of Christmas!


Best of luck

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One day out from beginning W30 on Jan 1, and I have had a few splurges. Nothing big, just some bread. That's probably the hardest thing for me, oh and sugar. Hmmm, ok, it's not just the bread. I found left over pavlova from Xmas in the freezer too... Best get rid of it now!

I catch myself wondering how I will go this time around, and then I think to myself that I must do this! Heck, I quit smoking 4 years ago, I reckon tat was harder than this!

Isn't it funny how when we quit or let go of something, like sugar, we can see it everywhere. It's in so much of what is fed to us, and I see people eating so much shyte!

Anyway these are just musings and are forethoughts of what I expect to happen in the opening week of January. Bring it on, I say!

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