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Good afternoon all,


In March last year I completed the Whole 30 - Amazing!!! and it absolutely did everything it said on the tin. I

I am intending on doing it again after the festive season is over. Many people have said that they would pay me to help them do it? Give them ideas ect??? Form a group to talk about it.  Its perhaps for the people who don't have regular access or aren't confident in using a computer. To some extent I don't understand why they don't just come on here and use the forum. I have said the book has everything in it that the website covers everything else :)


My question to you all, and I am guessing some moderators could also help me out, is how much can I tell people. Can I charge people for me to give them extra information or can't I as I am not an affiliated member?


Thanks in advance


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You can print and share materials from the website as long as you give credit to the Whole9 by including web addresses, etc. 


These are major points to cover in sharing with anyone, but anything on the site is open to the public, so can be shared (with credit).


I think you should say clearly that your opinions are your own; that your interpretation of the Whole30 rules and guidelines are your own; and that you are not trained, authorized, or endorsed by the Whole9 as a Whole30 coach or trainer. 
I don't see a problem with you accepting payment for your coaching time.
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Thanks for replying - I love this site. Robin I have told them that it's free :-) continuously and will continually try and pursuade them to use the site. Even if they don't have a computer they can access it at the library and ask questions - then come back the following day to get the answer.

Tom - Don't worry I have told them that I am nothing to do with the whole30 team but I think getting the book reading about it and learning things for myself have really got people close to me interested. I will learn the my opinions are my own bit so I can set it out clearly it's my interpretation.

Thank you again.

Happy eating :-) and Merry Christmas

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