Whole30 with training for beginner Crossfit Competition


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Hey there, 

I did a Whole30 earlier in the year and had great success from it.  I went back to eating paleo and now ready to do another whole30 challenge, I have found that I have been way off track.  With this, I have entered a crossfit compeition as a beginner in mid Feb.  In the past, my husband and I have done protein supplements, creatine, etc.  With Whole30 I know that I can't have that.  Is there a whole30 plan recommendation that will give me details on what types of food and how often I should eat them in order to help me train for my first crossfit compeition?

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Hi there!


Honestly, I don't think you need to do much of anything different in training for a beginners competition. Focus on your pre and post workout meals - get plenty of protein and some starchy veggies right after the wod, eat starchy veggies A LOT (CrossFit really depletes muscle glycogen stores), and be reasonable with your training to give your muscles time to rest and recover (And get stronger).

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I also have a CF competition coming up but I haven't been thinking like I'm training specifically for it, I feel like I'm always training (for fitness) lol. Maybe because it's my first and I'm not putting any pressure on myself. It's the scaled division (I just want one unassisted pull-up! Is that too much for a girl to ask?)


I am also learning that there isn't anything in a protein supplement that you cannot get from "real food." However, post Whole30 I'll probably be on the search for a really good one for convenience.


I bought some sardines to see if I like them. 20g of protein! That would be a perfect (in my mind) postWOD food...I think.


And for some reason whenever someone says protein I automatically think fish! Crazy.

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