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Starting 2014 with a 4th W30


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Hi Everyone,


Back for Number Four to start the new year. Can't come too soon! Of course, I've hardly been a friend to myself...I would say I'm mostly still a happy paleo cave girl...that is when I am not:


drinking beer

drinking eggnog

eating Christmas cookies and mince pies (a TON)

enjoying a glass of wine

eating chinese noodly type things

bagging on the exercise (which I love, typically, so ???)

Did I mention the cookies and mince pies?


I could keep going. No, I really could: as I type this, I'm enjoying a few Christmas cookies, and there's a glass of Christmas Ale with my name on it.


Am I feeling guilty? No way. Am I feeling great? No way times ten. Come January 1, it's back to clean eating, and I won't be sad. But I'll enjoy these last few days, too...for better or worse! Glad to have a great group on the adventure for 2014...


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So today we made several batches of mince pies. Needed to get the mincemeat out of the house.  ;)


Party tonight, more clearing out of cupboards after work tomorrow, shopping list being created for week 1. There's a group of us doing this together for a 1.14 start, some veteran whole 30ers, others for the first time. We're doing a weekly potluck where we each bring a compliant dish to share. Should be interesting!

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Happy 2014!


Started out today with Day 1--woohoo! I've been so horrid in off-roading that I feel like these next 30 days are a treat. Oh boy.


Anyway, as expected the day started way late, so I imagine we will wind up with 2 meals today. But we shall see; watch this space. Did a partial cook up yesterday, the fridge looks amazing, freezer too, pantries will follow on later today. 


M1:  Steak, eggs, spinach and onions. Bulletproof coffee.


M2: This happens do be our very first weekly W30 Pot Luck. There are nine of us taking part in the J1 W30, so we've arranged for a weekly meet up for those who can make it. We'll each bring a W30 dish to share. So for this week, I made Well Fed's Chocolate-Chili, which has always been a fave of ours. Also plan on making comfort noodles (http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2011/08/18/comfort-noodles/) because we got a spiral slicer for Christmas and I'm desperate to try it out!


Had tea this evening with coconut milk.

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Day 2!


M1: Bulletproof coffee, followed by curried cabbage stir fry with an egg cracked over it. Yum. I had two almonds (yes, two) before I realized I was fine without. I have water sitting next to me currently, and the rest of my coffee.


M2: Choc Chili with courgette comfort noodles, followed by an apple with raw almond butter (that nearly killed my vitamix--forgot to roast them, duh), water.


M3: half sweet potato covered with coconut mince curry (garlic, spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms, a boatload of spices, and mince cooked down with coconut cream), fizzy water. this was DELISH


only thing disappointing about today was that all three meals featured mince. Not sure how that happened, but I'll sort over the next few days.

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Day THREE! Activity in the day will be blue henceforth


Had a dream last night that I was drinking Orange Juice by the gallon. VERY real...and bizarre, since I'm not a heavy juice drinker typically, but hey ho.


M1: asparagus omelette with spring onion and prosciutto, bullet proof coffee


YOGA (fairly energetic flow today, I could have done better)


M2: choc chili with courgette noodles and spinach, fizzy water


M3: Butter Chicken (so. freaking. good.), broccoli, fizzy water


I got hungry later--so I had an apple with almond butter and some tea with coconut milk. I had considered having this at M3 but then decided to wait to see if I was really hungry still or not. Guess I was!


G'night all...

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Day 4! 


M1: Fizzy Water, straight out of the gate this morning. I was thirsty. Then 1 egg, onions & asparagus and smoked salmon over the egg. Delish. Followed up with a bulletproof.


M2: coconut mince curry with sweet potato again. This is really yummy.


I was peckish this afternoon. I don't think I ate quite enough at M2, as I was prepared to have steamed fish and broccoli--so I really don't think it was a craving. I had a handful of carrots and some amazing stewed tomato harissa.


M3: Seafood chowder and fizzy water. An interesting story came out of that, which you can read on this different forum thread, if you are so inclined. Then we killed a pomegranate. No really; it was mad fun. Here's a link to the video that gave us the idea: http://youtu.be/O6jyOqiFbBM. So, had a handful of pomegranate seeds (the kids dominated these) and a bulletproof coffee.


I know I'll regret having the bulletproof, but it's so freakishly cold here. The coffee sounded nice. But when I'm eating Whole30 clean, caffeine really does affect me, I have found. Ah well. At -26C below, I'll live with it!

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Day 5: 


M1: chopped Kale, lightly sauteed, egg & smoked salmon, fizzy water with a squeeze of citrus, bulletproof coffee


M2: butter chicken sauce mixed in with mince and kale. a few carrots with harissa. YUM. Handful of trail mix type thing: roasted almonds, shredded coconut, cranberry. Not much, just a handful. Tea with coconut milk.


M3: sashimi with shredded daikon, coconut aminos, tea. This was a night out with everyone, and it much easier bringing the coconut aminos from home than I thought (the past 3 W30s I've just gone without, which has been a bummer).


hot water tonight.


made some citrus ice cubes, too, out of oranges and lemons that were going to go off if something did not happen to them. So we squeezed them and I'll stick a cube in hot water in the morning, or fizzy water in the day. Should be nice.

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Day 6!


M1: Chicken and mushroom sausage with onions, acorn squash porridge (look at the changes in the notes section), water with a citrus cube, bulletproof coffee.


M2: butter chicken sauce mixed in with mince and kale. a few carrots with harissa and a bite or two of an avocado. I was really full after the mince and kale. Lots of water. I felt quite virtuous.


I had four almonds in the afternoon...because they were sat on my desk and I kept looking at them. Actually there were 23 there, but four had to leave the island...  :ph34r: 


Lamb and cabbage soup, water, an apple with almond butter and tea with coconut milk. All very delish.

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Day 7: 


Not feeling 100% today. Not hungry, eyes bloodshot, a bit achy...unpleasant. 


M1: (which was late b/c I just really did not fancy eating  :( ) Acorn squash porridge, bulletproof coffee.


M2: seafood chowder, water. still haven't finished my coffee--now I know something is up!

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M1: 2 boiled eggs, veggie soup, bulletproof coffee (prob more coffee than I should).


Got a late start to the day, so I don't expect to get in 3 meals today. It's the weekend, and I've not been well.


midway, don't want to call it M2 bc it was teeny tiny, but something like that: 3 prosciutto wrapped dates, fizzy water. oh man those are good.


M2.5: this was our W30 potluck, and it was great! A bit of each: butter chicken, green beans, southwest chicken, kale slaw, pork tenderloin, peppers and onions. A bunch of water, too. SO GOOD!


Followed by coffee with a bit of coconut oil--I really, REALLY have to stop having the coffee at night when I am eating clean because it definitely affects my sleep. 

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M1: bulletproof coffee, omelette with prosciutto, hot peppers, onions, kale, and coconut cream, cooked in ghee.


It's a cookup sort of day, but off to yoga and a bit of shopping yet to do. back later. I'm appalled at my lack of activity over this past week. I've most definitely been off my game there.


snack whilst I was cooking: prosciutto wrapped around olives stuffed with garlic and jalepeno. wicked good, only had a few.


M2: steak with harissa, green beans, courgette, garlic, and carrots. Fizzy water.


A really good tea tonight, no caffeine as that seems to be playing havoc with me in the evenings. Even though only 2 meals these weekend days, I am feeling pretty good. Back into the 3 tomorrow, as lunch and brekkie already packed! Nightee night...


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M1: pork loin, courgette, green bean and onion. water, BP coffee


M2: butter chicken with kale, a bit of banana, orange, coconut shred, cranberry and almond salad. more water.


M3: turkey pieces made a la well fed's chicken thighs on top of a mountain of salad. finished the rest of the banana, orange, coconut shred, cranberry and almond salad. fizzy water, followed by tea. I'm having a bit too much fun with the tea infuser guy I got for Christmas. Feeling like the tea mafioso--which just makes me giggle...


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