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Hi, My name is Michelle and I am starting the whole 30 very soon!  I did it about 18 months ago and had great success with it and I don't know why I'm so far off, but it's time to just dig my feet in and "clean up". I'm 52, have four kids, two still at home, my daughter is very on board with this, where my son will struggle.  Husband will be fine with it as well. Which is great because I carry an extra 20 pounds again, the hot flashes have gotten worse even with hrt, I have a lot of neuro pain, migraines and I'm ready to change and make strides for healthy living.  Currently, I am a student going full time for an RN, so I have to really plan, but I will stick to the forum for ideas, help and support and hopefully can reciprocate that all as well.  Right now, I'm on a trip with my two oldest in Germany, otherwise I'd start now!


See you soon, Michelle

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