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good all round suppliment?


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I'm about to start w30 and I'd like to get my hands on a good all round multivitamin. I'm in the UK so dint know if that makes a difference. Or do you think I should do the w30 and discover whether I'm lacking in any vits or minerals?

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I think Tom pretty much nailed this, and listed in one of the links is alpha lipoic acid. I would definitely recommend this (to help with sugar cravings, among many other beneficial features).


A few really good studies on alpha lipoic acid (courtesy of PubMed:)


Alpha-Lipoic Acid As A Biological Antioxidant

Effects Of Alpha-Lipoic Acid On Body Weight In Obese Subjects


Part of the reason for its potency is that it is both fat AND water soluble. This is in direct contrast to almost every other antioxidant, most notably vitamin C or vitamin E. This means that it works in EVERY area of the body.


Though it is a great idea to do a Whole30 with just, you know...ACTUAL food; fish oil with vitamin D3 (Nordic Naturals makes an excellent version) can be beneficial, as it has 3-4g of EPA/DHA and the D3 will cover your likely deficiency, since you are undertaking this in the winter (unless you live in an area with lots of sun exposure).


Many women (I'm currently working with a client with this exact concern) frequently ask about calcium on a Whole30.


This excellent guide can be found on that topic:

What About Calcium?


What are your specific reasons for wanting to take a multivitamin? Macro, as well as micronutrients, minerals, and even trace minerals, will be more than covered, during a Whole30.


Is this your first time? If so, good luck, you can do it! :)

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