Started today - 30th Dec


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Hi Everyone


I'm Cara and went Paleo about a year ago and ran regularly, then started smoking again. My body has been feeling pretty rubbish due to stress and how I'm treating it really. So today I've stopped smoking, started the Whole30day, started skipping this morning as a replacement habit for smoking :-D House full of yummy food for the next 30 days.


I'm really excited about getting back into running again and having a body that feels alive.


I'm a little anxious about nicotine withdraw but I have plenty of support and tools to use to help me slip into it. I'm really grateful that my partner is doing this with me too, including stopping smoking. That makes it easier.


I have two children aged 7 and 9 who already have little to no wheat in their diet. Semi-Paleo ;-) I"m going to read up on the Whole30 for kids information for more tips and inspiration.


I'm planning on this being a lifestyle change after the 30 days too. In it for the long term

Good to be here and thank you for al the support and information that is available here.


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Hey Cara,


I just started mine on the 30th as well.  I was going to start after the New Year, but I figured what difference does it make if I start it now or wait?  I am just on the tail end of my second foot surgery during which time I have had to be almost completely inactive for 3 months.  Half of the time I haven't been able to drive myself or really be up in the kitchen so my eating was questionable at best.  Its about time to get my eating habits cleaned up so I can have the energy I want to have for when I'm cleared to be active again.  I have done a Whole 30 before but really strayed and needed to reread the book again to remind myself of all the things I was doing to myself and why I felt lethargic and unfocused all the time.  I hope you are doing well and made it to Day 2 without incident! :)  The Well-Fed cookbooks are really useful for additional ideas too!



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