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3rd Times a Charm starting Today, Dec30


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This is my 3rd time attempting the whole 30 and this time I will NOT let anything get in my way. 


A little about the past 7 months.  Since May, I developed major anxiety, probably because Im 27 in college, working full time, and lets just say stressed and not satisfied about where I am in life.  I also had a pretty traumatic experience happen (that I wont discuss). My anxiety started to affect my work so of course the quick fix, Lexapro, BIG mistake. I started to crave and crave and crave and again crave alcohol  and I would drink and drink which did not help my anxiety, my stress, and lets face it my weight.  I was active in CrossFit for a year, monday through friday, around September I stopped, I lost my drive which is weird because I love working out and everything healthy.  Well since may Ive gained 25 pounds which makes the anxiety and stress even worse.  


So here I am for the 3rd time and this time I AM ready.  Ive stopped my lexapro and Im ready to let my food be my medicine.  I am going to take this day by day and I am going to accept the challenges along the way.  I need my life back and I need my passion back, for life, for me, for my husband, for my passion of health and exersice.  I mean lets face it I am getting a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, I need to be a better example.  


Thanks for this forum and just listening.  

Tiffany :-) 

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Thanks for sharing and hope you get out of this round of Whole30 what you need. This is my 3rd time and looking forward to making it my life style. Each time was successful in all areas and why I keep letting LIFE get in my way and keep me from this healthier way of eating and thinking when it comes to food. I plan to start Jan 1, I will be doing it solo, as my hubby and 19 year old son have no desire to take it on 100%. The good thing is they will eat what I make. They think its a diet and so they don't need to lose weight, they don't understand the health benefits of cleaning and resetting out systems.


Happy Whole30ing!!


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That is an inspiration that you have done 3, I will keep you in mine during my first!! That is my hubby, and as it would surly help if he participated he also will be eating what I cook so little does he know he will be participating lol!!! Any advise is much appreciated. 


Thank you,


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