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Whole30 for Transformation Challenge?

Bethany Gingerich

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History:  I've done 3 Whole 30s in the last slightly-over-a-year. Eat pretty clean but definitely have my weak moments.


My boyfriend is participating in the 12-week Transformation Challenge on Bodybuilding.com, and I'm thinking I may join him.  I'm in pretty awesome shape after a year and a half of super consistent CrossFit, but I still want to get leaner and I need a push to make that happen.  I've also been under a lot of stress and not sleeping well, and as we all know, Whole30 delivers angelic heavenly sleep!  


I'm wondering about doing Whole30 during this challenge.  My main obvious concern is that I'll need to take supplements for extra protein.  I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on this.  I probably would just do the normal 30 days anyway, so I could take supplements the rest of the time.  


Hmmmm...???? I want to do this as healthily as possible obviously.  Another option would be to eat W30-style the entire time, but with added supplements, which would then not actually be W30, but still pretty freakin' healthy.


I do want dramatic results, since that is kind of the point of this type of competition...I can't pretend this is anything more than aesthetic, since I already work out a ton and keep myself healthy.  But I refuse to compromise my healthy life for an after pic.  So I'm really trying to be thoughtful about this.

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Hi Bethany,


I'm in the exact same boat, will join the challenge as well (with an extra challenge of recovering of a broken collarbone at the same time)

and was also thinking about supplements. 

Like Robin said, go without the supps for 30 days, and then add them back in for the rest of the time. I was also thinking of taking supps during whole30 (protein, that is) but it's simply not whole30 compliant. 

In the end, it's only 30 days... Started today, good luck to you!

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