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The number of posts or comments you publish on the forum determines whether you have the title of newbie, member, or advanced member. Talkative people become advanced members. :)


Melissa Hartwig named the original crew of moderators when she and Dallas started the forum. All of us were people she knew and liked. Many of the originals have "retired," but we name new moderators from among forum participants that active moderators notice as being reliably knowledgeable, kind, and active. 


I recommended most of the current generation of moderators to Melissa. I start paying attention to participants as "moderator material" when I see them doing a great job of answering questions and offering support. I'm not sure I would be recognized as moderator material nowadays because I am kind of cranky and blunt. The current generation is generally nicer than me. :)


By the way, moderators are unpaid volunteers. 

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Tom, I enjoy your posts. (And your recipes. thanks!)


Sometimes cranky and blunt are necessary.

x2!  Usually if Tom answers a question, it's worth reading - either for information or entertainment, or both!

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